Teriyaki Madness Wins Three Franchise Gator Awards in 2020!


Wondering about the best franchises for 2020? Look no further, because TMAD made not one, not two, but three separate Franchise Gator award lists this year!

TMAD ranked in at #95 on Franchise Gator’s Top 100 Franchises for 2020. Rankings for the top 100 were based on pieces from each Franchise Disclosure Document, financial stability of the franchise, transparency and sustainability.

According to Franchise Gator, “The Top 100 has been designed, with the assistance of The Educated Franchisee, to measure the quality of a franchise system over time.”

Coming in at #13, TMAD ranked on Franchise Gator’s Top Emerging Franchises for the 5th year in a row.

“This list is about helping prospective franchisees,” said Eric Bell, GM, Franchise Gator and VP, Franchise Ventures. “Franchises that are budding and poised for growth is one of many attributes they look for. We’re excited to see Teriyaki Madness on the list.”

TMAD also ranked at #15 on Franchise Gator’s Fastest Growing Franchises for the 5th year in a row!

Eric said, “If they are going to be making a sizeable financial investment, they want to make sure it is with a franchise that is on the rise.  Catching a wave and being a part of a company poised for growth means a lot to many in regards to seeing a return on their investment.”

TMAD’s growth in recent years has been made possible by TMAD’s three-year investment into the building of its leadership team, products and processes to help the brand evolve to the point where it could bring on a number of experienced staff to coach and train its franchisees to success!


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