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    Listen to our franchisee testimonials to hear what our satisfied franchise owners have to say.

    We think our TMAD franchisees are awesome, and it seems they like us too.  

    Are you ready to grow your portfolio? Check out these franchisee testimonials to see what our franchisees love about partnering with Teriyaki Madness. 

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    Teriyaki Madness: A Full-Service Franchise

    Teriyaki Madness Franchisees speak about TMAD’s full-service support and what sets us apart in franchising. We’re mad, crazy good at, and obsessed with, providing our franchisees with the best-in-class support.

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    Why TMAD?

    Teriyaki Franchisees share their “Why TMAD.” Amazing food, full-service support, and our proven business model drew these entrepreneurs to the Madness!

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    Teriyaki Madness Franchisees share stories about the heart of their businesses: Community.

    We pride ourselves in providing opportunities for all, from part-time employees, to franchisees, to the neighborhoods they operate in. Dive into flavorful community with Teriyaki Madness!

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    Teriyaki Madness is All About Technology

    Teriyaki Madness uses technology to stay ahead of the competition. We’re gamechangers in restaurant technology, strategically integrating our systems to save franchisees money and labor!

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    Hear from the Teriyaki Madness Executive Team

    Sit down with the Teriyaki Madness Executive Team and hear about what’s new at TMAD, why they joined the company, and how we keep growing.

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    TMAD Music Video

    Yes, we have a music video!  Founded in Las Vegas, NV, TMAD franchisees created this work of art to show their passion and energy for TMAD and how we put the Mad in Madness! 

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    Katie Catlin | Franchisee in Lapeer Michigan

    Franchisees rally together to provide support for their franchise community during a crisis! Watch what Katie has to say! 

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    Tania and Javier Batista | Franchise Owners in California

    Teriyaki Madness franchisees talk about why they joined Teriyaki Madness. They discuss what a huge life change this will be for them!

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    Ken Richardson and Matt Williams | Franchise Owners in Oregon

    Ken Richardson and Matt Williams Opened their Teriyaki Shop in Bend, Oregon!! Watch what the duo has to say!

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    Jake Moore | Franchisee in Chambersburg PA

    Jake Moore appears on Good Day PA to show off his skills! Cooking while you’re also giving an interview isn’t easy, but Jake still managed to do a great job!

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    Jon Marsh | Franchise Owner in California

    Like many, Jon left his old career behind to become a franchisee. After researching more than 2,000 different franchises, he chose TMAD.

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    Becky and Ryan Richmond | Franchise Owners in Florida

    Teriyaki Madness Franchisees, Becky and Ryan Richmond discuss their experience at TMAD and how they are going to accomplish world Teriyaki Madness domination!

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    Robert Gonzalez | Franchise Owner in Nevada

    Teriyaki Madness Franchisee Robert Gonzalez opened his second shop in Las Vegas! Watch what he has to say!

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    David Marsh | Franchise Owner California

    This is David. He’s an owner and teriyaki lover. Watch his video to learn more about the financial side of franchising. Be like David.

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    Phat Vu | Franchise Owner in Houston

    Phat demonstrated how to make spicy chicken on KPRC – Houston Life. Watch him talk about how TMAD provides healthy, quick meals in 5 to 6 minutes.

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    Susan Marsh | Franchise Owner in California

    For Susan, it all came down to community. Listen to the story of her TMAD grand opening and how she connected with her customers.

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    Hear from Teriyaki Madness Franchise Owners

    Teriyaki Madness Franchisees Tim McCurry, Qing Li, and Michael Janes share their experiences as Teriyaki Shop owners.

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    Lisa Marsh | Franchise Owner in California

    Lisa found Teriyaki Madness while searching for a franchise business opportunity. She and her husband then became franchisees so they could indulge in their love for teriyaki and customer service.

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