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    Why Wouldn’t You? We are the #1 branded Asian delivery in America!

    The people have spoken, and they want teriyaki! Here’s how our Asian restaurant franchise grew from a dream to one of the fastest-growing fast casual franchises in the US.

    Like a lot of pretty terrific stuff, we got our start in Seattle. That’s right, the Emerald City is where we discovered the delicious secret of authentic, Seattle-style Japanese teriyaki bowls. Today, 20+ years and 150+ open locations later, we’re so much more than an Asian food franchise. We’ve set ourselves apart among Asian restaurant franchises by doing some things differently. We’ve stuck by our principles, and they’ve become our commandments of Madness:

    • We are delicious food that’s healthy. Not healthy food that’s delicious.
    • Made when you order, and not a single second sooner. We’re Teriyaki Masters, not mind-readers.
    • We use fresh, marinated, and grilled meats, meant for delicious and healthy eating.
    • And then we amp up the Madness with our collection of sauces, made from scratch with the best ingredients.
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    There’s Nothing Crazy
    About These Numbers

    It’s always nice to put dollar signs (not to mention percentage symbols) after the “why.” Here’s what we’ve got:

    $1.09 million*
    Average Unit Volume

    estimated startup costs

    34%* stacked same shop sales growth (2023 vs 2020)

    * Refer to our Franchise Disclosure Document.

    Our Madness is Premeditated

    Teriyaki Madness (our friends call us TMAD) is a brand with purpose: “To Provide Opportunity for Success for All.”

    While some might think that our secret sauce in the Asian restaurant franchise world is teriyaki, and we agree that teriyaki is pretty amazing, it’s actually our shared set of values that make our franchise special. Check ’em out:

    Work Ethic

    It’s not about clocking in — it’s about pitching in. Every employee from the CEO down to the new guy needs to have solid work ethic to keep this ship afloat. We are a group of driven people who take ownership of their roles. We’re dedicated Teriyaki Ninjas who only know one kind of grease: elbow.


    If you’re into problem solving, we’ve got a job for you. We’re looking for those everyday MacGuyvers who find creative solutions to problems with nothing more than some critical thinking, creative ideas, and the wind at their backs. So, if “innovation” is your middle name, let’s work together — we’re all about pushing the envelope in the name of progress (also, what were your parents thinking?!).


    Integrity — the act of doing what’s right when no one’s looking. We want folks who are dedicated to the dream of a business that not only helps their goals but elevates everyone around them. Unreliable people need not apply.


    It’s not a one-man or one-woman Teriyaki Show around here. We value teamwork and collaboration — a system of sharing ideas and programs to create something bigger than any one of us alone. We respect and trust one another in this teriyaki journey we’re on.


    We’re fans of self-starters. That’s how our Asian restaurant franchise got off the ground in the first place. The go-getters of the world see opportunities to drive positive change. These are the people with vision. Everything they do makes TMAD a little bit better.

    What Else Makes TMAD Different?

    Our Food

    Our Food

    We believe in food that feeds our souls. Fresh meals, made when and how someone orders without hesitation. We make heaping bowls of soul-strengthening food that not only satisfies your soul, but your stomach.

    Our Culture

    Our Culture

    We believe in building a culture made of people and NOT bottom lines. We take risks, dream big, hang out, high five and maybe tell a witty joke here and there. We work together, we succeed together, we laugh together. It’s team from top to bottom.

    Meet our franchise team.

    Our Support System

    Our Support System

    When experienced entrepreneurs and multi-unit owners join our TMAD fam, it’s not just because we’re outgrowing and outpacing every other big restaurant chain in America and leading the way with the #1 branded Asian delivery in America. It’s also because they recognize a unique concept with great margins, great product and a low-cost business model when they see one. As a multi-unit franchise partner, we trust you to follow the TMAD guidelines and run the business your way — but we believe in being there with training and support whenever you need us.

    You want to build an empire, and we want you to succeed and grow. Find out about the training and support every franchise owner can expect.

    There’s an Appetite for Our Flavor of Madness

    Choosing to own an Asian food franchise is a savvy business decision. The trend lines for fast casual and Asian restaurants keep moving in a favorable direction. Grandview Research reports that not only is fast casual dining on the rise, but the Asian fast food segment is expected to register the fastest compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between now and 2028. CAGR is the rate of return that would be required for an investment to grow from its beginning balance to its ending balance, assuming the profits were reinvested at the end of each period of the investment’s life span. So yeah, now would be the right time to join the Madness.

    Learn about the steps to becoming a multi-unit franchise owner and how much it costs.