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    Welcome to TMAD Talk, a podcast hosted by Teriyaki Madness CEO Michael Haith. Michael sits down with franchisees from the TMAD franchise community to discuss the opening process, managing and growing their businesses and the support they receive from the TMAD team. Listen to how these franchisees are building their Teriyaki Empires!

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    CEO Michael Haith and Franchisees Jeff and Seth Gaudin

    Jeff and Seth Gaudin, a father-son duo, own and operate the Teriyaki Madness in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Jeff and Seth chat about their background in franchising and the importance of positive work culture, building and maintaining a team with an exceptional work ethic, and much more!

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    CEO Michael Haith and Multi-Unit Franchisee Tim McCurry

    Tim McCurry operates the Firestone and Longmont, Colorado locations with plans to add several more TMAD shops to his portfolio! Tim talks about his previous employment in the car dealership business. Before becoming a TMAD franchisee, his only exposure to the restaurant business was eating at them! Tim dives into the importance of being involved in his community, serving quality food, and having excellent customer service!

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    CEO Michael Haith and Multi-Unit Franchisee Mario Essary

    Mario Essary has been building Teriyaki Madness locations for the last eleven years! Mario has three open shops in the Los Angeles, California area and is working to open more. Mario speaks on being a multi-unit owner and operator and the importance of “spreading yourself out” amongst your shops. He also dives into the value of spending time training your employees and managers and making sure they are taken care of to ensure employee retention!

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    CEO Michael Haith and Franchisees Dhruv & Smit Patel

    Dhruv and Smit Patel talk about their path to becoming TMAD franchisees and leaving the corporate world behind. With a family background in business ownership, Dhruv and Smit were ready to take on the challenge of being their own boss. They focus on building a team that will grow with them, the importance of creating a positive culture inside their shops, being involved in their community, and getting to know their customers.

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    CEO Michael Haith and Multi-Unit Franchisee Ohmar Villavicencio

    Ohmar Villavicencio owns and operates multiple shops across Hawaii and Las Vegas, Nevada. Ohmar talks about how building numerous shops is beneficial to him as it grows brand awareness and allows for each shop to support each other. Ohmar speaks on the importance of having well-trained employees and managers with positive attitudes that will continue to embody the TMAD culture!