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Pei Wei Franchise vs. Teriyaki Madness Franchise: Which is Best?

Thinking about opening a Pei Wei franchise? See how it compares to a Teriyaki Madness franchise in terms of franchise fees, franchisee training, and marketing support.


Asian food franchises are insanely popular among American diners, but the possibilities to explore are as vast as the cultures that create these culinary traditions. With growing accessibility, hungry patrons have a range of options when choosing where to eat, but price points and convenience are just as important as flavor profiles these days. A Japanese food franchise adheres to the traditional Asian flavor profiles that people love. For hungry franchisees, it’s essential to find a brand that capitalizes on cravings while providing the best possible business growth opportunity.


The first Pei Wei restaurant was created in 2000 under P.F. Chang’s brand as an addition to the Pan Asian fast casual restaurant sector. While P.F. Chang’s continued to focus on full-service Asian cuisine, Pei Wei stood to compete with a quick, made-to-order service model that could bridge the gap between fast food and casual dining. Within 10 years, the chain had opened 168 locations primarily in Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas, with more locations cropping up in parts of the Northeast and Midwest.

In 2017, Pei Wei was acquired by a private equity firm, underwent a slight name change, and relocated its home office from Scottsdale, Arizona to Irving, Texas. What followed was a revamping of the brand’s online presence, with a focus on streamlining the online ordering experience and relaunching the Pei Wei rewards program.

Hate to break it to you, but the answer to your question “Does Pei Wei franchise?” is a resounding no. Unlike Chipotle, who once franchised and then stopped, Pei Wei has never offered franchising opportunities, nor do they plan on doing so. At this time, the company and all of its locations are privately held by PWD Acquisition LLC, a company that also owns other QSR Asian fusion restaurants such as Pick Up Stix and Mandarin Express.


If you’re interested in opening an Asian food franchise that’s big on flavor, innovation, and offers the backing of a winning brand, Teriyaki Madness is it. Instead of boxing people out, TMAD endeavors to spread the Madness through franchising with the most enthusiastic and dedicated owners around the country.

As the nation’s fastest growing big restaurant chain, TMAD’s unique Seattle-style Japanese bowl concept has cornered three of the hottest restaurant markets (Asian, chicken, and fast casual) with an accessible menu and takeaway model that is ideal for scalable franchising opportunities. TMAD is a healthy, delicious alternative to many other fast casual spots that diners are tired of settling for. With fresh ingredients prepared to order, customers can anticipate a satisfying meal every time they visit a TMAD shop.

The initial franchise fee to own a TMAD location is $45,000 with discounts for multi-unit growth, and total initial costs ranging from $312,500 to $731,260,* making the franchise’s affordability and dynamic customer draw an awesome opportunity. With an Average Unit Volume (AUV) of $1.10 million*, TMAD continues to bowl over the competition. Franchising since 2005, TMAD has over 110 shops currently operating, with many more in development this year, spreading our flavor and fun around the country. Our affordable investment costs, killer support team, and focused identity make TMAD the perfect franchising opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs looking to branch out with a winning brand and bring bowlfuls of awesomeness to the masses!

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