TMAD Franchisee featured in Franchise Consultant Magazine for Making the Most of His Time Through a Pandemic!


TMAD franchisee, Aaron Weissman has been featured in Franchise Consultant Magazine for making the most of his time through COVID-19. 

Despite closing his dining room, Aaron was able to keep his business running and his staff busy. When the pandemic hit, instead of making the decision to lay off his 25 employees, he put them to work feeding the local front-line heroes and even redecorating his dining room.

“It was a fun change of pace for everyone and a great way to take advantage of our closed doors. I was planning to redecorate anyway, so the timing was perfect.”

Because of TMAD’s commitment to technology in recent years, food sales for Weissman stayed strong during the crisis. 

“There was a steady stream of business coming in with take-out orders. Since we already had these systems in place, we didn’t have to change too much like some other businesses did.”

CEO, Michael Haith, believes the company’s ability to stay ahead of COVID-19 is due to our forward thinking. Long before the pandemic, Haith set TMAD up for success by always thinking ahead. 

Haith attributes the company’s success to:

  • Technology – by making major investments in technology, franchisees were able to stay ahead of COVID-19 with apps that allowed easy ordering and curbside pick-up services.
  • Efficiency – Working smarter, not harder is key to TMAD’s success. Always looking for better and easier ways to reduce labor and increase profits, the company made investments to make tasks like dish washing and chopping vegetables more efficient.
  • Customer First – Haith believes in giving customers what they want: quality food that’s healthy, delicious and convenient. He uses incentives like loyalty programs to drive repeat business.

It’s safe to say that both TMAD corporate and franchisees are using their time and effort wisely during a crisis.


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