Teriyaki Madness was featured in Hospitality Technology about the new digital ordering system with Olo & Punchh. Read what author, Anna Wolfe, had to say!

Hospitality Technology – Teriyaki Madness Launches Digital Ordering Solution

Asian fast casual franchise Teriyaki Madness recently launched a digital ordering solution that is integrated into its point-of-sale (POS) system.The fresh Asian fast casual franchise worked with Olo and Punchh to create a digital ordering solution that includes an order-ahead app and started rolling out the solution in June to its 45 locations.

Guests can now order online with the Teriyaki Madness app for in-store pickup. The platform saves the users’ favorite orders and credit card information to simplify reordering. Guests can also order online, but for incentive for them to download the app, they receive a coupon to receive a free regular size bowl with the purchase of another regular size bowl and two fountain drinks.

The app also offers “redeemables” that load into each user’s app that can be used towards mobile or in-store purchases.

Jodi Boyce, vice president of marketing at Teriyaki Madness, says it’s the brand’s first foray into digital ordering.

Before the online ordering and mobile app launched, “The only way for people to order in advance was to call,” explains Boyce. “And the phone ringing is a pain point for franchisees … You have a line of customers, and you can’t answer the phone.”

The new digital solution has “alleviated the amount of calls already,” she adds. Plus when a guest orders online or via the app, there’s increased order accuracy and labor savings.

Teriyaki Madness is known for its bowls that are made-to-order with fresh ingredients. Customers can choose three sizes of bowls, select their protein, vegetables, noodles, rice and select from house-made sauces. With so many options, orders can get complicated.

“Part of our brand are bowls that are made-to-order,” she says. “Every order is different. Now guests can go online themselves and customize their order, what they want and what they don’t want. It’s a great, convenient experience.”

Olo created a seamless ordering process by integrating Teriyaki Madness’ menu into the app, website and the company’s POS provider, Revel.

The Denver-based franchise also works with several third-party delivery services; all of the orders placed through a third-party delivery integrate directly into the POS.

“There’s not one national one that hits all the markets,” says Boyce. “We’ve allowed our shops to work with quite a few. DoorDash, Postmates and Amazon are all integrated with Punchh and Olo, so we’ve alleviated having that extra device (to approve the order and send it to the POS).”

Loyalty Awaits

Punchh developed and designed the app, which also includes a full loyalty program for its users that will launch in early 2019.

“We chose to launch our app in two parts,” Boyce said. The goal was to get employees trained and familiar with the new system before adding on loyalty, which Boyce describes as “more complicated from a training perspective.”

Less than three months after its launch, the preliminary results are impressive. Sales are up 8% year over year and 20% of sales are being place online, Boyce said.

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