Teriyaki Madness Ranks on Entrepreneur’s 2024 Franchise 500® List

With more than 150 shops across three countries, the fast casual teriyaki franchise has created a cult-like following among customers and profitable margins among franchise operators.

Teriyaki Madness, the sensational Seattle-style teriyaki franchise, is thrilled to announce its inclusion in the prestigious top 500 of Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 for 2024 for the 8th year in a row. Landing at No. 317, TMAD has proven that it’s not just about the sauce — it’s about saucing up the entire franchise industry!

In 2024, TMAD expanded its flavorful empire faster than you can say “Mad spicy,” opening 28 new shops and granting 34 franchises for 79 units, and experiencing a notable 19% rise in systemwide sales compared to last year. Talk about cooking with gas!

“Our recipe for success? It’s a mix of bold flavors, bold strategies, and, of course, a dash of Madness,” said Michael Haith, CEO of Teriyaki Madness.

Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 is not your average list. For 45 years, the list has served as a benchmark for franchise excellence. It’s the crème de la crème of franchise rankings, considering everything from financial strength, stability, and growth rate, to brand power. This rigorous evaluation involves an analysis of over 150 data points, ensuring only the best franchises make the top 500.

“This isn’t just a win for us — it’s a win for flavor, fun and franchising done right,” said Haith. “Let’s be honest: getting into this list is Madness, and TMAD has done it again!”

Last year also saw TMAD rank #6 on the Franchise Times Fast & Serious list, #314 on Franchise Times Top 400 list, #26 on the Top 100 Movers and Shakers by Fast Casual, #3,152 on The Inc. 5000, and ranked on Newsweek as one of America’s Favorite Restaurant Chains.

“Since its inception, Teriyaki Madness has been on a mission — to bring big, bold flavors to the masses,” said Haith. “And with over 145 locations, it’s clear that the masses are hungry for what TMAD is serving. After all, where can you get fresh vegetables through online ordering? The demand for Teriyaki Madness is amazing, but expansion is not something we force — we are expanding our team with experienced, qualified leaders to ensure managed, aggressive, successful growth with our incredible community of franchisees. As we say here in Colorado, we don’t want to get too far out over the tips of our skis!”

Looking ahead, Haith says the plan is simple: more shops, more bowls and more Madness.

“Teriyaki Madness has continued to thrive due to its simple, proven and successful business model, in-depth franchisee support and expert leadership team,” he said. “We are proud to say we are keeping the momentum going strong as one of the top franchises in the U.S. This ranking is excellent validation to reiterate what we already know — the Madness is spreading.”

To see TMAD’s full profile in the Franchise 500 rankings, visit https://www.entrepreneur.com/franchise500

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