TMAD continues smart growth in 2020 awarding eight Teriyaki Shops in the first quarter alone.


Teriyaki Madness really has kicked some serious bowls in early 2020!  Even in times of challenge, TMAD has continued to push forward with its substantial growth. In early 2020, TMAD awarded eight new Teriyaki Shops and six new franchisees. 

This growth was made possible by TMAD’s three-year investment into the building of its leadership team, products and processes to help the brand evolve to the point where it could bring on a number of experienced staff to coach and train its franchisees to success. By putting in the work to form a capable community with a common goal, TMAD more than doubled in size internally so it could competently do so externally through franchising, as well.

According to CEO, Michael Haith, “From the bottom up, we’re pursuing greatness. We’ve established ourselves in the marketplace as an extremely competitive, forward-facing opportunity that is as savvy and strategic as it is innovative and exciting. Our leaders have assembled the best of the best at every level of our organization, and we’re ready to take on 2020 with our ever-growing franchise family. 

In 2019, TMAD awarded 90 Teriyaki Shops, and 2020 is expected to see even higher growth. 

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