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The year 2020 has certainly had its plot twists in the restaurant industry, from the advent of the COVID-19 virus to dramatic fluctuations in the market. 

But according to, “The ups and downs, have not kept Michael Haith, CEO of Teriyaki Madness, down. If anything, Haith feels more confident than ever in their business model and believes the rapidly growing, fast-casual teriyaki concept has what it takes to finish the year strong. Thanks to their team’s innovative and flexible strategies set in place before and during the pandemic, Teriyaki Madness is taking steps to address curveballs thrown their way and continue their yearly pattern of growth.”

For starters, the restaurant franchise positioned itself for success well before the advent of COVID-19 with its technological advances and strong business model. With a dual online and app-supported ordering platform and vital switchboard capacity, Teriyaki Madness was able to successfully service their customers amid heightened demand during the pandemic through varied resources.

Though restaurant industry sales have not fully recovered since early March, Teriyaki Madness was up 16% year-over-year in June, and continues to increase in YOY sales. In comparison, full service was down 28% and fast casual was only up 2% year-over-year. Pay-it forward community initiatives, like their most recent Healthcare Teriyaki Bar program, which delivered fully loaded teriyaki spreads to first-responders, have been a standout in demonstrating the franchise’s commitment to the communities they serve.

Haith said, “These are initiatives that I am not only incredibly proud of, but that our franchisees are proud to bring to their communities. Our owners are talking about these programs and spreading the word to other folks who themselves are looking to become owners of their own franchise. The number of prospective franchisees and signed deals we have seen since the pandemic hit demonstrates the excitement our franchisees feel for the brand.”

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