Introducing: The Four-Top!

TMAD has been helping put food on the tables at a reduced cost for foodservice workers laid off as a result of COVID-19.

According to, “An estimated 5.5 million restaurant workers — nearly two thirds of the entire industry — have lost their jobs as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and even as states begin to reopen, the vast majority of those industry professionals remain out of work. In recent months, fan-favorite teriyaki-shop franchise Teriyaki Madness has been one of the few foodservice businesses to not only survive, but thrive during the COVID-19 crisis, retaining employees and reaching customers even as dining rooms were ordered closed. Now, the growing brand is paying its success forward by lending a hand to fellow industry workers who were laid off as a result of the pandemic.”

The Four-Top is ensuring that industry collegues have access to delicious meals that can feed a family of four or one person for four meals. For just $26, The Four-Top includes two appetozers and four bowls customized to the cravings of the customers. 

CEO Michael Haith says, “We realize we’re in a unique position to give back right now. Our industry is struggling, and it’s the workers who have been hit hardest. We want to do whatever we can to make their lives a little easier during this difficult chapter.”

The Four-Top campaign comes after the Pay-It-Forward campaign which asked customers to team up with TMAD to split the cost of meals for healthcare workers. Since that campaign launched, Teriyaki Madness and its fans have provided more than 4,000 meals to healthcare professionals across the country.

Out-of-work foodservice professionals can order the Four-Top now through Teriyaki Madness’s website and mobile app. The franchise is committed to finding new ways to support local communities and provide fans with comforting, customizable meals that restore a much-needed sense of reliability and satisfaction as we come out of this crisis.


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