Restaurant Sherpas Clears The Way For A Franchisee (Again!)

Jeff and Ondrea Gallagher own a building with an empty retail space that had a coffee tenant. When the pandemic took out the coffee shop, they realized how difficult it would be to find another tenant for their space. Realizing they could own their own business, pay themselves rent and realize a profit while Restaurant Sherpas did all the work, they explored Teriyaki Madness. Now, they have a Teriyaki Madness shop opening in their building and a team of professionals that will build, staff and run it for them thanks to Restaurant Sherpas, a management company for TMAD.

The Gallaghers are impressive new franchisees! Professional farmers in California, they saw a franchise in which they could diversify. Originally planning to open a single shop, they decided that three shops were more their speed after meeting the team on Discovery Day, seeing how far our support goes and the amazing success of the franchisees.

Restaurant Sherpas, the turnkey management service that runs TMAD shops in their entirety for absentee investors like the Gallaghers, was critical in their decision making. They weren’t sure what to do with one location, and now they’re confident they can manage three. Mostly because they don’t have to manage a single thing.

We’re extremely happy that we were able to help Jeff and Ondrea go beyond their goals, because no space should go unused and no would-be franchisees should let other commitments hold them back from opportunity.

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