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Multi-Unit Franchises: A Steady Path to Financial Success

Multi-unit franchising is one of the single best paths to financial success. Here’s how multi-unit franchising works and what you should know before opening your own.


There are numerous options for becoming a multi-unit franchise owner, but for the purpose of this article, let’s focus on multi-unit ownership within a single franchise system. Owning multi-unit franchises has become a popular investment strategy in recent years. Through the combination of lower buy-in costs and opportunities for compounded financial gain, entrepreneurs are choosing to strengthen their portfolio within proven franchise systems that offer long-term growth.

Owning multiple franchises can be a safer investment since a diversification of investments means relying less heavily on one location for primary revenue. The bottom line is multi-unit franchises present scalable opportunities for small business owners to optimize success with the backing of a winning brand.


In addition to more significant financial gain and security, multi-unit franchise owners often receive discounted franchise fees for every unit acquired after the first one. This benefits both the franchisor and franchisee by facilitating control over a particular territory, ensuring proliferation of the brand.

Economies of scale can be found in inventory buying, marketing, advertising, staffing, and training and are more likely to work in your favor if you’re a multi-unit franchise owner. Given all the reduced expenses, multi-unit franchise ownership often earns high ROIs and financial success.


While some franchisees invest in multiple units from the start, many single-unit franchise owners build upon their initial franchise once they’ve gained a strong foundation through experience and community recognition. Upon enjoying the success of their first outpost, expanding their franchise footprint often makes perfect sense.

As a multi-unit owner, it’s highly likely that you have been through it all, from setting up the franchise to managing daily operations, executing effective marketing campaigns, and employing the best strategies for optimizing profitability. Oftentimes that means you’ll be aware of and ready to face head-on any challenges associated with establishing a new location.

Multi–unit franchises begin to develop turn-key business models for what works best. A business plan on paper is one thing; in practice, it can become something very different. The business acumen of a multi-unit franchisee increases as they experience new events — both positive and negative — that impact business.

Entrepreneurs who value the work-life balance that may have drawn them to franchising in the first place will find that multi-unit ownership further supports that goal by allowing owners to hire strong teams to run their businesses at various locations, freeing them from the day-to-day operational responsibilities faced by most independent business owners.


According to a recent study, 54% of all franchises are now multi-unit operations, with the numbers continuing to rise. Currently, 43,212 multi-unit owners control over 223,213 franchised units in the U.S. The benefits of multi-unit franchises apply to both the franchisor and franchisee. As a multi-unit franchisee, you own a significant share of the business. In fact, you make more money for the franchisor than single-unit franchisees, which means you have a greater impact on their bottom line.

There are many good reasons to invest in a multi-unit franchise. Whether your goal is to prepare for retirement, build an additional income stream, or grow your impact as a business leader in your community, the opportunity for generating wealth as a multi-unit owner is tremendous. Plus, owning more than one location protects against an economic downturn in ways that a single-unit franchise would not. There’s also the satisfaction that comes from knowing you are investing in the lives and futures of your employees.


Teriyaki Madness is the No. 1 Fastest Growing Big Restaurant Chain in North America, offering dedicated investors the opportunity to get on board with a brand that will be at the top of fast casual dining trends for years to come.

TMAD is serving up huge bowls of awesomeness by combining three of the fastest growing sectors in the industry as a fast casual, Asian, and chicken concept. TMAD offers franchisees easy onboarding, ongoing support, and a simplified menu that keeps diners coming back for more.

Our proven franchise model, world-class training, marketing, and comprehensive support are designed to provide the perfect foundation for franchise owners to expand their business potential and grow with our brand, from day one and for years to come.

To learn more about tapping into your potential with TMAD, download our franchise report.

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