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    Japanese Franchise

    The Best Franchise Investment in the QSR Industry.

    At Teriyaki Madness, we are MAD about our Japanese franchise for good reason (hint: it’s because we make a lot of money). When it comes to the $52 billion fast casual industry, TMAD is leading the game. We recognized early on that the American consumer has a thing for ethnic foods. From Taco Bell to Panda Express, we saw an exotic flavored menu pattern. In fact, 32% of consumers are willing to pay extra for ethnic flavors and over 44% say they prefer an ethnic menu all the time. So, instead of wasting money on a boring old McDonald’s, put your money where the American consumer’s mouth is – in ethnic food!

    What makes TMAD different than the taco bells and panda expresses of the fast casual industry? Well, quality for starters. Unlike competitors that offer mystery meat (and the possibility of spending all night on the bathroom floor), Teriyaki Madness serves only fresh, quality ingredients. While American consumers love ethnic food they also love real food. The recent health conscious trend of the food industry has led to consumers demanding more menu transparency and better quality ingredients. Our Japanese franchise uses fresh, never frozen proteins and clean crisp veggies to create a flavourful and healthy menu. Our close attention to quality has allowed us to achieve incredible success. Customers are immediately drawn to our exotic menus and once they see our display of fresh ingredients, they are sold. At TMAD, we’ve found that the question isn’t whether a Japanese franchise is a good investment opportunity, but rather which Japanese food franchise should you invest in? We also know the answer – Teriyaki Madness!

    Japanese Franchise


    We are delicious food that is healthy. Not healthy food that is delicious.


    Made when you order, and not a single second sooner. We’re Teriyaki Masters, not mind-readers.


    Always fresh, never frozen, marinated and grilled meats, meant for delicious and healthy eating.

    Quality Ingredients

    A collection of gluten free house-made sauces, made from scratch with the best ingredients.

    Food Franchise

    How to Get Started with TMAD’s Japanese Franchise

    Ready to explore our flavorful business opportunity? With an initial investment of just $312,500 – $731,260*, you can join the TMAD team. The upfront investment includes your franchise fee; all buildout costs; training and education on supply chain, operations, and marketing; and ongoing support. We will assist you in grand opening procedures and marketing so you can have your wok hot and ready in no time. At TMAD, our motto is chop, wok, repeat! We have our business plan down to a T and can get new franchise owners up and running in no time. When you join our Japanese food franchise, you’ll never be alone in business. The TMAD team sticks together and we are excited about bringing on new members!

    *Refer to our Franchise Disclosure Document

    Success Hot Off The Wok

    At the end of the day, what’s important is that you are enjoying yourself. If running a restaurant that serves healthy, tasty food with a fun staff that is absolutely mad about Asian cuisine sounds fun to you, then you will fit right in with the Teriyaki Madness team. Contact us today to learn more about your delicious and profitable future with our Japanese franchise.

    Food Franchise

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