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    Asian Food Franchise


    The Asian food industry has seen incredible growth creating many Japanese food franchise opportunities. Teriyaki Madness has harnessed that high growth and combined with the the next fastest growing segment, fast casual. TMAD is a winning concept that keeps people coming back for those big bowls of deliciousness.

    Teriyaki Madness has a high Average Unit Volume (AUV) and a low investment cost. We continue to open new shops across the nation as our effective and painless business model helps new franchise owners to succeed from the very beginning.

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    Average Unit Volume


    Our Average Unit Volumes (AUV) is $1,095,618*. Find out more about your earnings potential in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which includes the Item 19 that shows Income Statements from Teriyaki Madness franchisees. Item 19 can help you understand potential revenue, labor costs, COGS and profit margins.

    Initial Investment



    Teriyaki Madness’ initial investment range is $350,500 – $976,860*. 

    Stacked Same Shop Sales Growth (2023 vs. 2020)


    There are more than 150+ Teriyaki Madness shops open across the United States including one in Mexico and another in Canada! With strong support, numbers and scalability, TMAD is a fantastic addition to your franchise portfolio or a great choice for first-timer franchisees.

    * Refer to our Franchise Disclosure Document


    If you are an experienced franchise owner or are new to the business, Teriyaki Madness is here for you. U.S. sales at Asian fast food restaurants have nearly quintupled since 1999 and don’t show any sign of stopping. Just like our Japanese Food Franchise opportunity that can’t be matched. TMAD is perfectly positioned to ride the wave of Asian Fast Casual restaurants and are looking for franchise owners to join us. Right now is the time to open a TMAD and see where teriyaki can take you.

    Asian Food Franchise

    The TMAD model keeps people coming back for those big bowls of deliciousness. So, are you ready to join the new wave of quick service stores and work for yourself? We thought so.


    Our Asian food franchise has had back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back years of average unit volume growth. Find out more in our Item 19.

    Hottest category in the world

    U.S. sales at Asian fast food restaurants have nearly quintupled since 1999, and the numbers continue to grow. Right now is the time to open a TMAD Japanese franchise and see where teriyaki can take you.

    Simply Successful

    TMAD includes easy onboarding for employees, lots of technology for you, employees and your customers, plus tons of continued support and coaching from the Home Office. We do everything outside your four walls.

    Home office support

    From transition to support, we’re here to help! Resources, training for your staff, and much more as you continue on in Teriyaki Madness ownership.


    Over the last 20+ years we’ve worked hard mastering our marinating, grilling, chopping and wok-ing. We’ve been able to make bowls that are as delicious and hearty as they are healthy. The madness has continued in an endless effort to bring our one-of-a-kind teriyaki taste to people everywhere. We think that everyone deserves a delicious, heaping helping of healthy food made by hand by people who care.

    Asian Food Franchise

    Interested in our Japanese food franchise opportunities? Contact us to learn more about opening your own Asian food franchise