Teriyaki Madness to Celebrate Opening in Lombard, Illinois

Teriyaki Madness to Celebrate Opening in Lombard, Illinois

Teriyaki Franchise

Teriyaki Franchise to Celebrate Opening in Lombard, Illinois on June 3

Teriyaki Madness was featured in Franchising.com for our newest teriyaki franchise opening in Lombard, Illinois on June 3, 2019!

The Teriyaki Franchise, which officially opened its doors last week, is run by franchisees, Nik and Rita, Patel who are long time Lombard residents. Throughout the week Nik and Rita invited locals to enjoy the newest bowls on the block with special deals throughout the week.

According to Franchising.com, “The Patels have always had a dream of opening a restaurant together. Nik, who moved to the U.S. from India in the late 1990s, works in the IT field and was looking to add a business to his portfolio that hadn’t yet entered the Chicago market. When Nik tried teriyaki for the first time, he was hooked and began searching for a concept to bring back to Illinois… Enter Teriyaki Madness.”

Combined with the delicious food and Rita’s experience (working for Wendy’s for 10+ years) Teriyaki Madness was perfect for the pair to bring to Lombard, Illinois.

According to the article, “The day we tried Teriyaki Madness’ spicy chicken teriyaki, I knew I was a big fan of the brand,” Nik said. “Our food is delicious, addictive, and travels well. There is no heat lamp or hot-held food; everything is always made fresh with healthy ingredients and delicious house-made sauces, however a customer wants it. Once you have a bowl, you’ll crave another.” Nik said. Rita added, “The leadership of [Teriyaki Madness CEO] Michael Haith and his team is amazing. We wouldn’t have been able to open the shop at our pace and in our chosen location without the brand’s real estate, construction, operations, training, and marketing support, guidance, and patience.”

TMAD is on the road to exceptional growth and is excited to support Nik and Rita in bringing their Teriyaki Franchise to a new market and beyond. The pair are sure to experience massive success with their new Teriyaki Shop.


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Rocking the Food Chain!

Rocking the Food Chain!

TMAD’s Director of Marketing Featured in 2019’s Women in the Lead!

Women in the Lead

FastCasual released it’s third annual, “Women in the Lead” series which features some of the industry’s most successful female leaders. FastCasual interviewed 27 women who have worked hard to make it to the top of the “corporate food chain.” Included in the top female representation is Liz Worley, TMAD’s Director of Marketing!

Liz was interviewed about her path to the top and what she has learned about herself during her career in the marketing industry!

“I can look back on my early career to today and see that my ability to adapt and be quick on my feet with various situations is my biggest area of growth. And, let’s face it, being a mom also helps me be ready for anything.”

– Liz Worley

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Reasons to Join the Madness:

Here’s why now is the time for you to own your own Teriyaki Shops:

  • territories are going fast
  • the profitability
  • the yearly sales
  • the business model
  • the food 
  • the real estate (small footprint, think strip malls) 1800 sq ft
  • the support team (we’ve been able to recruit the best management team in the business!)
What’s Up Fishes!

What’s Up Fishes!

Introducing Teriyaki Salmon that’s delicious AF! (As Fish)

Japanese Food Franchise


After finding success in the Vegas market, we are excited to announce our newest Japanese food franchise LTO (limited time offer): Teriyaki Salmon!

The 4-ounce salmon is marinated and grilled to perfection and pairs perfectly with white rice, brown rice, fried rice or noodles, plus fresh stir-fried veggies. The Salmon is topped with TMAD’s house-made teriyaki sauce.

Drooling Yet? We are.

Not only is the salmon delicious AF (as fish) it’s packed full of protein and Omega 3s. The salmon hits all Teriyaki Madness shops today, February 11th.

“We initially introduced Teriyaki Salmon at our Las Vegas locations as an LTO nearly two years ago, where it has proven itself to be an extremely viable menu option,” Teriyaki Madness VP of Marketing Jodi Boyce said. “Because it has maintained consistent popularity without any pomp or circumstance, we’re excited to be rolling it out nationally for even more TMAD fans to experience and enjoy.”

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Big Multi-Unit Operator  Brings 10 Shops to Miami

Big Multi-Unit Operator Brings 10 Shops to Miami

Welcome to the Madness – Steve Freedman, Max Freedman, Rene Navas


10 ShopsSteve Freedman, Max Freedman, & Rene Navas are bringing 10 shops to Miami, Florida! Steve Freedman, a serial entrepreneur, found Teriyaki Madness through individual research. He was looking for a business he could grow with his son, Max , and long time friend, Rene. Rene Navas, who previously worked in the hospitality industry in Puerto Rico, quickly fell in love with the TMAD concept. Max Freedman owns his own insurance company and will also be heavily involved in the business. Both Rene & Max are moving their families to Miami, Florida to begin opening their 10 Teriyaki Shops.

After talking directly with the CEO, Steve quickly fell in love with not only the food, but the culture.

Steve, Rene & Max are excited to bring The Madness to the Miami area. They will be opening 10 shops with hopefully many more in the future.

Welcome to the Madness, Steve, Rene & Max!

Franchisee Brings Three Teriyaki Shops to Philadelphia

Franchisee Brings Three Teriyaki Shops to Philadelphia

PhiladelphiaWelcome to the Madness Sola Salami

Sola Salami is our newest franchise owner in Philadelphia! Sola’s background includes being a former banker, IT professional and businesss owner.

Sola was introduced to Teriyaki Madness through a franchise consultant, and fell in love with the simplicity of running a Teriyaki Madness. His goal is to make a living out of the Teriyaki Madness food & culture.

Sola plans to be a multi-unit operator and open between 6 and 10 locations in the next five years. He will open in the Philadelphia, Delaware and Montgomery areas.

Sola is excited to grow Teriyaki Madness in and around Philadelphia!

Welcome to the Madness, Sola!

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