There are families moving to North Texas every day, and if they come from the West Coast, a common complaint among them is the lack in the Metroplex of good West Coast style Asian takeout.

Growing up in a region where an Americanized Chinese “Deli” is a mainstay in virtually any grocery store, not to mention a horde of standalone outlets, it’s easy to take for granted, and only missed when it’s no longer available.

Left Coasters, in particular fans of Seattle’s home-grown style of teriyaki, now have reason to rejoice. Teriyaki Madness has three locations in North Texas, and this one-time Seattleite finds they have done the genre more than proud. Now, Seattleites have been familiar with their local-grown style of teriyaki for decades, but the style was given the ultimate underscore in a 2010 New York Times article, which likened Seattle Teriyaki to other iconic regional foods like the New York pizza or the Chicago hot dog. And to tell a Seattle expat that the Emerald City’s beloved takeout tradition is now available in North Texas inspires a double-take and a clutch for the car keys. Get thee to Frisco, go!

But what of the food, they cry. Is it legit? Does it come in a styrofoam container? Can I have noodles instead of rice? Is there beef and crab rangoon, too? Yes to all. A recent Saturday evening visit found a clean storefront with enthusiastic staff and a steady stream of takeout customers. And the food? Well, it doesn’t require the palate of a Michelin reviewer to know that the food is good (addictive, really), it just takes an appreciation of a specific regional specialty (it’s true to the original style). There are also some pretty solid appetizers in the grand Americanized Asian takeout tradition, and the spicy (sriracha) chicken teriyaki and teriyaki beef (which is marinated for several hours) are similarly as habit-forming. Unlike other stores, the Frisco location sells beer and wine, but the real draw here is the teriyaki.

You’d be forgiven for forgetting you’re in Texas.

Teriyaki Madness was kind enough to spring for some samples in preparation for this article, but we’re going back again soon. Seriously, take our money. Take it all.

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