2022 Roll Up

You better believe we grew our bowls in 2022! What else grew in 2022? Teriyaki Madness continued global domination, adding key department heads, corporate partnerships, improved tech and training, and don’t you forget putting dollars in our franchisee’s pockets.

Global domination, in addition to the 90+ shops signed for in the US in 2022. Teriyaki Madness is boasting its expansions to El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Costa Rica adding up to 105+ shops signed for with 37 new franchisees in 2022. With these additions, TMAD earned a 24% systemwide growth of new shops and entered numerous new markets summing up 38 states and 7 countries.

Experienced staff, check. Teriyaki Madness promoted from within and sought out key members to continue serving their franchisees with top-of-the-line support. Joe Cohen, with over 30 years of finance and operations experience from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, including restaurant and franchising has been promoted to CFO. Erin Hicks, with 25+ years of franchising and was named on the Women of Wonder list by Franchise Dictionary who recognized 50 women in franchising who are changing the face of franchising by their work ethic, has been promoted to President of Teriyaki Madness. Shanlee Kasson who has a tenure of seven years at Teriyaki Madness earned her the recognition of Vice President of Ops Integrations and Ryann Frost, one of the newest faces at Teriyaki Madness was hired in the summer of 2022 and is acting Vice President of Real Estate Development.

New hire Ryann Frost, along with her newly built team, added Bialow Real Estate to strengthen TMAD’s real estate development efforts with a national real estate brokerage to find quality locations faster for our franchisees. It does not stop there, TMAD’s Real Estate team also selected to partner with Sevan, a leader in innovative construction management, to help franchisees build faster and achieve greater value.

Teriyaki meets Tech. After claiming a top 6 spot for the second year in a row on the Franchise Times Fast and Serious list, a list that ranks the smartest growing brands, TMAD continues to support its franchisees with best in the business tech support. Mad University through the PlayerLync platform is an ongoing training software that each franchisee has access to train their employees between our frequent coach visits! TMAD also saw 80% of orders come from outside the four walls of the shop thanks to our customer friendly engineered TMAD App and loyalty program as well as our partnerships with OLO and Punchh to enhance our 3rd party ordering and delivery experience.

Heavier pockets, in the words of our multi-unit franchisee Robert Gonzalez, is what the TMAD support team is all about for our franchisees. A Food Truck in Lapeer, MI? Sure why not! TMAD inside of a Casino in Las Vegas, done and done! And now the finale, an innovative catering program we set up our franchisees with that grew catering year over year catering sales by a MAD 208%! Hint: Athletes love our delicious yet healthy bowls. NHL, MLB, NFL teams, and collegiate athletic programs have been taking advantage of fueling up their players pre and post-game with our protein packed teriyaki bowls!

Teriyaki Madness is in full growth mode, and we got the bowls to handle it. Nuff’ said.

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