CAVA Franchise: Can You Open One?

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If you’re exploring restaurant franchising options that align with current food trends, particularly those that offer healthy, customizable, and quick meal solutions, one such brand that might have caught your eye is CAVA, known for its Mediterranean-inspired bowls that cater to a wide array of dietary preferences. But the question looms: Can you open a CAVA franchise in your city? Let’s delve into this topic and explore your options, including potential alternatives like Teriyaki Madness.

Is CAVA a Franchise?

First things first, it’s crucial to understand the business model of CAVA. Unlike many other fast casual restaurants, CAVA operates as a corporate-owned business rather than a franchise model. This means all CAVA locations are owned and operated by the company itself, and they state on their website they have no plans to begin franchising. So, if you’re looking to open a CAVA franchise, you’re out of luck.

Alternative Bowl-Centric Franchises

If you can’t open a CAVA franchise in your city, what are the alternatives? If your heart is set on creating your own bowl-centric franchise, the fast casual industry is brimming with opportunities. When considering alternatives, it’s essential to evaluate the brand’s market presence, growth potential, franchise support, and investment requirements.

Why Consider Teriyaki Madness?

One compelling alternative is Teriyaki Madness, a healthy restaurant franchise that specializes in customizable bowls with a focus on bold, Asian-inspired flavors. Here’s why Teriyaki Madness is an appealing option for potential franchise investors:

  • Franchise support: Teriyaki Madness offers extensive support to franchisees, including training, marketing, and ongoing operational assistance, which can be invaluable for new entrepreneurs.
  • Market appeal: The demand for Asian cuisine, particularly healthier, customizable options, is on the rise, with Nasdaq forecasting an industry value of $233.3 billion by 2030. Teriyaki Madness taps into this trend, offering a menu that appeals to a broad demographic.
  • Investment flexibility: With a proven franchise model, Teriyaki Madness provides potential investors with detailed investment requirements, making it easier to plan and secure financing. Our startup costs range from $350,500-$976,860*. 
  • Growth potential: Teriyaki Madness has been expanding across the U.S., demonstrating our strong brand presence and growth potential.

While you may not be able to open a CAVA franchise, the world of healthy fast casual dining offers numerous other opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. With Teriyaki Madness, you can invest in a growing brand that aligns with your business goals and market trends. 

Teriyaki Madness delivers supreme brand recognition, expert marketing assistance, comprehensive training and ongoing operational support. They mean serious business, but they have a lot of fun along the way.

To learn more about franchising opportunities with Teriyaki Madness, download the franchise report.

*Refer to our 2024 Franchise Disclosure Document

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