The Wu’s Choose TMAD!

For Albert and Jennifer Wu, life in the corporate world has come to an end… The Wu’s are fulfilling their dream of being entrepreneurs and opening three TMAD’s in Colorado Springs, CO! 

The Wu’s have ownership experience in the rental property space but do not have restaurant experience, but when looking into franchising, they liked the TMAD model.   

“Teriyaki Madness has a good reputation, great product, and scalable operating model with a proven track record of profitable growth.”  -Albert and Jennifer Wu 

Once the Wu’s learned that the Teriyaki Madness model will guide them every step of the way, from helping them find the perfect location, getting their elbows dirty in the shop during training, and marketing their shop effectively, they were sold on the concept…but of course, the tasty food was the real selling point!  

Teriyaki Madness is excited for the Wu’s to join the TMAD family and continue the Teriyaki Takeover.  TMAD has broken into 33 states with 130+ open shops and is looking to continue growth with multi-unit franchisees!  

Reach out to the TMAD franchise development crew at for more information or fill out the form below to receive the franchise report. 

Are you ready to

Join the Madness?

The people have spoken, and they want Teriyaki. Asian and Fast Casual are the two fastest growing segments in the restaurant industry. Join the Japanese franchise revolution and give people what they want: HUGE BOWLS OF AWESOMENESS!


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