Franchisee Opens His 2nd Teriyaki Shop in Vegas!

On Saturday, February 9th, Las Vegas Franchisee, Robert Gonzalez opened his 2nd Teriyaki Franchise making a total of 16 Teriyaki Shops in the Vegas Market!

Robert is really excited to be spreading the Madness to the east side of the market, as Robert shared, “the Madness has arrived to the east side of Vegas and the TMAD team is ready to serve some real teriyaki!”

Robert had a line of people at 5:45am on Saturday outside his shop waiting to be the first 25 people to order! The first five customers won Free TMAD for a Year. and the next 20 won Free TMAD for a Month! Customers were excited to be the first in line and Robert and his team are excited to WOK their way to success!

Territories are still available!

We are excited to spread the Madness! In the past, you were interested in opening your own Teriyaki Madness. Here’s why now is the time for you to own your own business:

  • the profitability
  • the yearly sales 
  • the business model (simple and scalable)
  • the food (as hearty and delicious as it is healthy)
  • the real estate (small footprint, think strip malls)

Are you ready to

Join the Madness?

The people have spoken, and they want Teriyaki. Asian and Fast Casual are the two fastest growing segments in the restaurant industry. Join the Japanese franchise revolution and give people what they want: HUGE BOWLS OF AWESOMENESS!


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