Pre-Covid, TMAD was 30% dine-in and 70% outside the 4 walls – We quickly pivoted to 100% takeout, delivery & curbside!



TMAD’s priority is showing our franchisees how we are supporting our community during this time.  A major aspect of support is developing marketing tactics and innovations to keep customers happy. This includes technology development and implementation.

Letting customers know that we are open for takeout, delivery and curbside is the best way to keep supplying loyal Teriyaki lovers their spicy chicken.

Prior to COVID-19, Teriyaki Madness was 70% outside the four walls. We’ve quickly pivoted to ramp it up to 100% takeout, delivery and curbside.

Exeutive Vice President of Marketing, Jodi Boyce said, “At TMAD, we’e used to moving quickly. However with today’s challenged, we are moving at light speed to stay ahead of the Madness and support our shops. We are working closely with franchisees on a daily basis and it’s amazing to see the teamwork and creative thinking to find new ways to get the message out and get our food in customers’ hands (without touching them).”

Along with community, financial and marketing support, TMAD has been leveraging the supply chain, and communicating with our zees on a constant basis to keep them in the know.

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