7 Best Sushi Franchise and Asian Franchises in 2024

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Explore your options for opening a sushi franchise, including different franchise models, market demand, and smart alternatives.

The Market for Sushi

Sushi has transcended its traditional boundaries to become a global phenomenon, appealing to a wide audience craving healthy, fast, and exotic dining options. The market has seen steady growth, driven by customers’ increasing desire for diverse culinary experiences. Sushi’s versatility, from high-end dining experiences to quick-service formats, allows it to cater to various consumer segments. The introduction of sushi burrito franchises has further expanded its appeal, blending the convenience of fast food with the sophistication of Japanese cuisine.

Options for Sushi Franchise Investors

For those interested in opening a franchise that serves sushi in both traditional and new forms, there are several promising options. Brands like Ginger Sushi, Sushi Sake, and offer diverse franchise opportunities, ranging from traditional sushi bars to more hybrid concepts like sushi burritos and bowls. These franchises have adapted to changing consumer tastes by offering a mix of classic sushi rolls, sashimi, and creative fusion dishes, catering to both purists and adventurers alike.

  1. Ginger Sushi
    • Concept: Offers a variety of sushi, including traditional rolls, sashimi, and innovative options like sushi burritos.
    • Initial investment: $265,560 – $387,700
    • Market appeal: Strong in urban areas with a demand for quick, healthy dining options.
  2. Sushi Sake
    • Concept: With an innovative menu, they treat sushi as an interactive experience.<
    • Initial investment: $319,500 – $791,500
    • Market appeal: A chic yet inviting atmosphere for families and young professionals alike.
  3. Rock n’ Roll Sushi
    • Concept: Self-proclaimed as the original American-style sushi experience founded on great food and rock n’ roll.
    • Initial investment: $145,000 – $629,000
    • Market appeal: Attracts a youthful clientele looking for fun and excellent food.

Other Asian Cuisine Franchise Opportunities

While sushi is a niche market, it’s cultivating broad appeal and growing demand. However, diversifying your menu to include other Asian cuisines can help attract a wider customer base and mitigate the risk of market saturation. Many successful sushi franchises have incorporated additional Asian dishes, such as ramen, poke bowls, and bento boxes, to offer variety and cater to different preferences and dietary needs.

  1. WaBa Grill
    • Concept: Asian-inspired rice bowls and a concept that prioritizes healthy ingredients and speed of service.
    • Initial investment: $341,000 – $577,000
    • Market appeal: Targeting customers who want healthier alternatives to fast food.
  2. Manchu Wok
    • Concept: Recognized as the largest franchisor in North America for the Chinese Fast Food Restaurant (QSR) industry, located in convenient spots such as airports and shopping malls.
    • Initial investment: $441,050 – $713,500
    • Market appeal: Customers can enjoy a range of dishes either in the form of a buffet or pre-set “combo” options.
  3. Bonchon Korean Fried Chicken
    • Concept: Specializes in Korean-style fried chicken and other Korean dishes.
    • Initial investment: $202,557 – $1,157,172

Market appeal: Growing popularity among consumers looking for new, spicy, and savory flavors.

Bowl Over the Competition

A rice bowl franchise like Teriyaki Madness has successfully captivated the market by offering a variety of Asian dishes, appealing to a wide audience. With a strong emphasis on high-quality ingredients, customizable meals, and a vibrant dining atmosphere, Teriyaki Madness caters to health-conscious consumers and those seeking quick, delicious meals alike.
With startup costs ranging from $350,500–$976,860*, the brand strikes a balance between affordability and the potential for high returns. The scalable business model, comprehensive support system, low overhead, and strong brand presence make it an attractive option for investors interested in growing with a bold franchise.
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