Small Business Owners Excited to Become Teriyaki Madness Franchisees!

Samir Dahal, Chhewang Lama, and Laxman Thapa are motivated to expand their portfolio.  They are gas station and convenience store owners that have wanted to own a restaurant and found TMAD to be a great fit for them.  

“I find that Teriyaki Madness has proved its authenticity and has earned their customers’ trust.  Teriyaki Madness is a fast-growing strong franchise that provides healthy and quality food with great service.” -Samar Dahal 

“We are most passionate about food and the culture around it, TMAD has that with the best menu and that creates craze amongst its customers.” -Chhewang Lama 

The trio is eager to get their shop open in the Boston area and are looking forward to bringing the flavorful bowls TMAD has to offer to their community.   

If you are wondering if now is the time to expand your portfolio, this is your sign to do so.  Learn more about Teriyaki Madness franchising at  

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The people have spoken, and they want Teriyaki. Asian and Fast Casual are the two fastest growing segments in the restaurant industry. Join the Japanese franchise revolution and give people what they want: HUGE BOWLS OF AWESOMENESS!


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