Real Estate Just Got Realer

New hire Ryann Frost who joined Teriyaki Madness the summer of 2022, along with an experienced team, added Bialow Real Estate to strengthen TMAD’s real estate development efforts with a national real estate brokerage to find quality locations faster for our franchisees.

The real estate efforts do not stop there, TMAD has also partnered with Sevan, a leader in innovative construction management, to help franchisees build faster and achieve greater value. With Sevan Construction Management and the Bialow real estate team we are making it easier for franchisees to find real estate and complete build outs of their teriyaki shops efficiently and effectively!

In 2022, TMAD earned a 24% systemwide growth of new shops and entered numerous new markets summing up 38 states and 7 countries. TMAD as a whole is quickly reaping the benefits of the partnerships with Bialow and Sevan as the utilization of their efforts mixed in with our in-house team is executing leases and opening doors for our franchisees!

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