Protein: It’s kind of a big deal. Seventy-eight percent of consumers name protein as an important component of a healthy diet, and more than half say they want to eat more of it. The number of products advertising high protein jumped 54 percent in the last five years.

This protein craze is fueled by real health benefits. Protein helps build lean muscle, which speeds up metabolism. It also helps you feel fuller longer, so high-protein meals help you avoid overeating.

As protein’s popularity grew, restaurants had to pivot to keep up. While popular brands like Taco Bell scramble to reorient their menus, Teriyaki Madness will keep doing what we’ve done for 15 years: Make delicious, filling meals that are high in protein and use only the best quality ingredients.

For restaurateurs, keeping up with industry trends is important. Anticipating them is even better. Here’s how our fast casual teriyaki concept is riding the protein wave to explosive growth:

Timing is Everything

Teriyaki Madness was founded in 2003 out of a love for Seattle-style teriyaki. As the concept spread to locations across the U.S., our food gained a cult following because of its unique flavors and fantastic taste.

Little did we know, a nationwide push for protein was on the horizon. In the early 2010s, popular diets like the Paleolithic diet put protein in the spotlight. However, this trend was not a flash in the pan, it was backed by dietary science. furthermore, people started to see real results when they replaced high-carb meals with lean protein.

Food and drink manufacturers started pushing the sought-after nutrient, and soon store shelves featured many products boasting high protein. Naturally, the restaurant industry followed suit, with big brands hurrying to portray their offerings as good sources of protein.

Meanwhile, Teriyaki Madness franchisees welcomed the influx of customers. These new guests were looking for filling, protein-rich meals that were delicious and satisfying. Teriyaki Madness was there to deliver.

The Future for Protein

When it comes to health and fitness trends, it can be tough to predict which way the wind will blow. Will America’s love for protein peter out?

Not likely. Experts predict that the protein craze will get, well, crazier in coming years.

Today’s Dietician, an industry magazine for dietetics professionals, anticipates that consumers will remain committed to protein and will become more interested in different sources of the nutrient. For example, some may look to replace red meat with poultry or animal protein with plant protein.

Teriyaki Madness is already poised to cater to these customers. As consumers’ protein preferences continue to develop, we’ll keep finding ways to make protein-packed meals totally crave-able.

Skyrocketing demand for quick, high-protein food options combined with growing consumer interest in fast Asian cuisine creates a perfect storm for brands like Teriyaki Madness. Our company has grown from Las Vegas’s best-kept secret to a nationwide name, and our business model is making waves. We’re delicious food that’s healthy, not healthy food that’s delicious. So, while we skip ingredients like MSG and only use natural spices and flavors – it’s to make our food taste amazing and keep our customers coming back for more. It’s a happy coincidence for us that by keeping true to our house-made teriyaki recipes, we also keep the food healthy. We stay one step ahead of consumer preferences – and the competition – by sticking to the mission we’ve had from day one: Serving filling, tasty food that’s good for you and fun to eat.

The protein craze isn’t slowing down, and neither are we.

If you’d like to own a business backed by a strong brand with loyal customers, start your ownership journey by downloading a free Teriyaki Madness franchise report.

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