Hiren Dayaramani grew up in a household that valued entrepreneurship. It’s no surprise that he’s starting his own venture then, and we’re excited that it’s a Teriyaki Madness! He and Vishal Patel joined our rapidly-growing team together along with Hiren’s wife, Khushbu. The TMAD family just got bigger!


Hiren and Vishal both come from the hotel industry, managing teams in the dozens and operating locations that bring in millions every year. Throughout their careers, they’ve found that it’s important for employees to be as happy as customers and value a strong work-life balance. As accomplished operators in their own right, they’ll be looking to TMAD to amplify their abilities and provide the restaurant experience that will be critical in their success. Hiren and Vishal were drawn to TMAD for our “constant growth in numbers,” which is something we pride ourselves on. That, and teriyaki of course. Recent milestones like an 18% increase in year over year Q3 sales, opening 30 shops and an Average Unit Volume of $1.15 mm has contributed greatly to the growth that attracts shop owners like Hiren and Vishal.

There are plenty more seats at the table for people like Hiren and Vishal. We sort of have to live up to this “constant growth” thing now, so let’s get down to business! Fill out the form below.

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    The people have spoken, and they want teriyaki. Asian and Fast Casual are the two fastest growing segments in the restaurant industry. Join the Japanese franchise revolution and give people what they want: big bowls of awesomeness.





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