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Taking An International Cuisine Restaurant Mainstream: The Secret To Sucess

Americans are looking for new, healthy fast-food options, and the demand for international cuisine restaurants has reached an all-time high. Here’s what it takes to start your own.


Hungry Americans are lucky to live in a country that is made up of a seemingly limitless number of different cultures, traditions, and dining options. Many immigrants come to the U.S. with the dream of sharing their homeland’s food traditions with the masses; opening an international food franchise can be the natural path toward building a thriving business and making a significant mark on the community. The international foods market was valued at $36.481 million just a few years ago and is projected to register a CAGR of 11.8% through 2024. Thanks to increased immigration rates and younger generations’ curiosity to experience a more diverse range of food, an international cuisine restaurant is appealing to both owners and customers.


We all know the phrase “as American as apple pie,” but that sweet treat actually originated in England! Luckily for all of us, the American dining scene is comprised of a vast mixture of different flavors and influences, granting us ample opportunities for exciting experiences. Nowadays, while diners want to travel across the world through their taste buds, they also expect a level of convenience, affordability, and quality service. Additionally, customers seek healthy food options that are both delicious and enticing.

In terms of the most popular types of international cuisine in America, Mexican and Asian food top the charts. Mexican food dominates the southwest portion of the country so much that a hybrid cuisine — Tex-Mex — has developed to adopt both traditional Mexican flavors and American proclivities.

Covering an even larger point of view, Asian cuisine spans numerous countries, styles, and flavors. From Southern Indian to Thai to Cantonese and beyond, each region has its distinct flavors and cooking methods to introduce to American diners. Even within a single country, the Japanese restaurant franchise industry has much to offer.


Prior to the 1970s, Japanese restaurants were scarce in the United States, but once sushi started trending, adventurous diners were curious to learn more about different types of the country’s cuisine. Over time, the market has continued to diversify, offering tasty options for diners and promising business opportunities for prospective international cuisine restaurant owners.

Beyond sushi, there are now Japanese restaurants that focus on tempura, tonkatsu, yakitori, shabu shabu, noodles, and teriyaki. Some styles are more widely appealing than others but make no mistake — there is a place for Japanese-style food in America.


The origin of the word “teriyaki” can be traced back to two Japanese words: teri for “shine” and yaki for “grill.” And this delicious food source lives up to its definition. In Japan, teriyaki describes a cooking method, and American diners have embraced the style like crazy. Similar to how Mexican cuisine has adapted and evolved to suit different palates in the U.S., teriyaki has hybridized and become a staple for many stateside diners who seek fresh and flavorful meals.

While there are multiple options, Teriyaki Madness embodies both the culture from which it derives its dishes and the American sensibilities that make it a winning franchise. Across cuisine types, TMAD is one of the fastest growing big restaurant chains in the country, serving up a unique Seattle-style teriyaki bowl style that is unrivaled. Cornering three of the hottest markets including Asian, chicken, and fast casual, TMAD is a no-brainer for hungry diners and prospective owners, alike.

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