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Hotel Franchise Alternatives: Options to Diversify Your Franchise Portfolio

Expand beyond hotel franchises and add to your franchise portfolio with options that will help you earn more while taking advantage of growing industries.

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Diversification is key to a successful business portfolio. By spreading your investments across a range of assets in various sectors, you can protect yourself from major loss if one business faces unforeseen challenges. Franchising with a well-established, recession-resistant brand is a smart way to diversify in a sector where you may have less experience.

Diversifying your portfolio beyond hotel franchises can be an excellent way to grow your business and increase revenue streams. But with so many franchise options available, deciding which ones to pursue can be challenging. When considering which approach to take, you’ll want to explore different industries and business models. Some other popular franchise industries include retail, fitness, and healthcare. One particularly popular and complementary alternative to hotels is restaurant franchises. Restaurants offer several advantages, including lower startup costs, a flexible business model, lower employee count, and the potential for high profits.

Set Your Sights on Restaurants

Restaurant franchises are an attractive option for franchise investors because they have streamlined operating procedures and a proven business model. Additionally, popular restaurant concepts all but guarantee a steady revenue stream for years to come. With the growth of online food delivery services, restaurant franchises have even more opportunities to expand their reach and revenue.

When it comes to restaurant franchises, there are several options to choose from, including fast food, casual dining, and fine dining. Each has its pros and cons, but fast casual franchises are generally considered the safest bet due to their lower operating costs and higher profit margins. Fast casual franchises also have a broad customer base, making them a safer investment than restaurants with higher price points or that only serve a niche dining group. Fast casual restaurant statistics see the global market growing to $364.52 billion in the next five years.

Why Choose TMAD?

As one of the country’s fastest and smartest growing large restaurant franchises, Teriyaki Madness has cornered two of the hottest markets: Asian cuisine and fast casual dining, making it one of the most ideal restaurant franchises to partner with to expand beyond hotel franchises.

TMAD now has over 130 shops around the country serving up their unique Seattle-style teriyaki bowls. Teriyaki Madness continues to grow with ambitious entrepreneurs from different industries who see the potential in building their portfolios. Currently, 67% of TMAD franchisees are multi-unit and/or multi-brand.

The franchise fee is $45,000* and the total investment ranges from $346,400 to $768,760*, depending on the size and location of the shop. With financing options available for qualified candidates, securing funding is simple. And not to brag, but with an average unit volume (AUV) of $1.16 million*, franchise owners are making huge bowls and big profits.

If you’ve already experienced success as a hotel franchise owner, you know plenty about hospitality and making people happy. Teriyaki Madness offers a dynamic and delicious menu that appeals to a broad audience, as well as a killer business model, comprehensive training, and ongoing support to allow you to expand into the exciting brick-and-mortar and recession-resistant fast casual restaurant industry. TMAD also provides expert marketing and advertising support, including a strong social media presence and a loyalty program to drive customer retention.

Just like with Teriyaki Madness’ bowls, people have a hard time stopping at just one serving, so franchisees are lining up around the country for multi-unit agreements, which is an ideal arrangement for owners already well-versed in the hospitality industry. With a strong online ordering and delivery system, Teriyaki Madness is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing trend of online food delivery services. TMAD already serves 85% of food outside of the shop’s four walls through curbside, takeout, and integrated 3rd party delivery. So why not dive in and expand your franchise portfolio with Teriyaki Madness?

To learn more about exploring franchising opportunities with Teriyaki Madness, download our franchise report.

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The people have spoken, and they want Teriyaki. Asian and Fast Casual are the two fastest growing segments in the restaurant industry. Join the Japanese franchise revolution and give people what they want: HUGE BOWLS OF AWESOMENESS!


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