Food Bowl Trend: Why the New Favorite Portable Meal is Here to Stay

The food bowl phenomenon has taken the culinary world by storm, offering a convenient, healthy, and customizable option for busy individuals. Let’s dive into the bowl trend, including what makes a good food bowl, the most popular types, and how to start your own food bowl restaurant.

What Goes Into a Food Bowl?

A food bowl is a complete meal served in a single bowl, typically consisting of a base ingredient topped with a variety of complementary ingredients. The concept of food bowls allows for customization, where individuals can choose their preferred combination of ingredients to suit their tastes and dietary preferences. Food bowls can be both savory and sweet, offering a wide range of options for different meals throughout the day.

The base ingredients can vary and may include rice, noodles, salad greens, quinoa, or even a smoothie base. Toppings and additions can include proteins such as grilled chicken, beef, tofu, or seafood, along with an assortment of fresh vegetables, sauces, dressings, herbs, spices, and other flavorful ingredients. For sweet bowls, various fruits and tasty, nutrient-rich additions can be made. The idea is to create a well-balanced and visually appealing meal that is both convenient and satisfying for whatever you’re in the mood for.

The growing interest in food bowls is driven by multiple factors. Firstly, consumers are becoming increasingly health-conscious and are actively seeking out nutritious options. Secondly, bowls offer an easy and time-efficient meal solution for busy individuals, providing a complete and filling meal in one go. Lastly, the trend towards customization allows customers to create their own unique culinary experience, giving them a sense of ownership over their meals.

Types of Trending Bowls

The food bowl trend has inspired a wide range of restaurants to serve different bowl variations. Some popular examples include:

  • Smoothie bowls: These refreshing bowls typically feature a thick smoothie base topped with fresh fruits, granola, and various superfood toppings.
  • Burrito bowls: Inspired by Mexican cuisine, these bowls replace the tortilla with a bed of rice or lettuce, and are topped with beans, grilled meat, salsa, guacamole, and other delicious toppings.
  • Dessert bowls: Sweet indulgence in a bowl! These bowls feature a decadent base such as ice cream or pudding, topped with treats like cookies, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream.
  • Teriyaki bowls: A staple in Asian cuisine, these bowls combine a protein (such as chicken, steak, or tofu) grilled in a flavorful teriyaki sauce with rice or noodles and a mix of steamed or stir-fried vegetables.
  • Noodle bowls: These bowls offer a variety of noodle options, such as ramen, soba, or udon, paired with broths, proteins, and an assortment of vegetables.

Food bowls offer several advantages over traditional portable food options like sandwiches or burgers. In addition to being highly customizable, they provide a healthier alternative with an emphasis on fresh ingredients and balanced nutrition. Plus, bowls are easy to eat on-the-go, as they are conveniently packed in a single container, eliminating the need for multiple types of utensils or messy wrappers.

Among these options, teriyaki and rice bowl franchises have gained significant popularity. Their success can be attributed to the harmonious blend of flavors and textures. The savory teriyaki sauce adds a tangy and slightly sweet element, which complements the grilled protein, while the rice or noodles provide a hearty base. The addition of fresh vegetables adds crunch and a burst of freshness, making teriyaki bowls a well-rounded, healthy and delicious option.

Teriyaki Madness: Taking America by the Bowls

Teriyaki Madness has emerged as a leader in the food bowl space by focusing on authentic and delicious teriyaki bowls. Their commitment to high-quality ingredients, exceptional customer service, and customizable options has gained TMAD a voracious fanbase. With their unique Seattle-style Japanese teriyaki bowls and fun-loving shop settings, they deliver a memorable experience that keeps our diners happy and coming back for more.

TMAD Franchisees get to stay at the forefront of the food bowl trend, which shows no signs of slowing down. TMAD offers a strong brand identity with over 20 years of franchising and over 40 new shop locations set to open in 2023. Bring TMAD’s bowls to your local community today.

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