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    Since the first Chinese food restaurant in America opened its doors in San Francisco in 1849, the Asian food industry has grown exponentially. Since 1999, Asian fast food restaurants have grown 500%. The American consumer remains captivated by the exotic and fresh flavor combinations that are trademarks of Asian cuisine. As emphasis on healthy food options continues to grow, restaurants that offer fresh options are outpacing fast food locations. Teriyaki Madness has broken onto the scene as a successful and flavorful Asian food franchise. With better ingredients and better profits, Teriyaki Madness is a leader in the Asian food franchise industry.


    We are delicious food that is healthy. Not healthy food that is delicious.


    Made when you order, and not a single second sooner. We’re Teriyaki Masters, not mind-readers.


    Always fresh, never frozen, marinated and grilled meats, meant for delicious and healthy eating.

    Quality Ingredients

    A collection of gluten free house-made sauces, made from scratch with the best ingredients.

    It’s all about the food

    The health food industry is a multi-billion-dollar a year industry that has seen impressive growth in the past decade. Consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of freshly sourced, healthy ingredients. People genuinely care about how they fuel their bodies, and are willing to spend more for better ingredients. Teriyaki Madness’ dedication to fresh ingredients is a reflection of health conscious consumers and that is where we stand out from competitors. Unlike the frozen, poorly sourced ingredients from competitors such as Panda Express, Teriyaki Madness uses fresh, never frozen ingredients.

    With options like delicious, lean cut proteins and fresh, crisp veggies, there is something for everyone on the Teriyaki Madness menu. All of our sauces are made in house daily, using fresh ingredients. Both vegans and meat lovers will be satisfied with the varied options of the Teriyaki Madness menu. As an owner of our Asian food franchise, you will have an extensive customer base. Get ready to wow your customers’ taste buds, satisfy their nutritional needs, and love the way you wok! As the leader in the Asian fast food franchise space, Teriyaki Madness has spread rapidly across the United States. With 150+ open locations (and more coming soon), the American consumer has become familiar with the impressive taste and service of Teriyaki Madness.

    The TMAD model keeps people coming back for those big bowls of deliciousness. So, are you ready to join the new wave of quick service stores and work for yourself? We thought so.


    Our Asian food franchise has had back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back years of average unit volume growth. Find out more in our Item 19.

    Hottest category in the world

    U.S. sales at Asian fast food restaurants have nearly quintupled since 1999, and the numbers continue to grow. Right now is the time to open a TMAD Japanese franchise and see where teriyaki can take you.

    Simply Successful

    TMAD includes easy onboarding for employees, lots of technology for you, employees and your customers, plus tons of continued support and coaching from the Home Office. We do everything outside your four walls.

    Home office support

    From transition to support, we’re here to help! Resources, training for your staff, and much more as you continue on in Teriyaki Madness ownership.