9News.com released an article by the Denver Business Journal discussing TMAD’s big plans for expansion in Mexico. Read what 9News.com has to say below.

9News.com Denver fast-casual Asian restaurant chain has big plans for Mexico

Teriyaki Madness says it has big plans for Mexico, including opening 100 outlets in that country.

A Denver-based fast-casual Asian restaurant chain said it has big plans for Mexico, including opening 100 outlets in that country.

Teriyaki Madness officials said they’ll open their first international location in Mexico, in San Luis Potosi, later this year.

“Teriyaki Madness plans to continue growth throughout Mexico with up to 100 restaurants over the next 10 years,” the company said.

“With … the growing demand for Asian cuisine, as consumers in Mexico begin to focus on healthier foods and new flavors, we know that Teriyaki Madness will be a success in Mexico,” said Michael Haith, who owns 92 percent of the Denver chain, in a statement.

Haith, a 1984 graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder with a journalism degree, was profiled by the Denver Business Journal last year. At that time he said, “the same thing that built Chipotle, with its quality ingredients, is what drives us. We are not fast food; we deliver to tables. We are hybrid fast food and fast casual.”

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