TMAD’s Support Video Series

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    Can you guess what all Teriyaki Madness Franchisees have in common?

    Hint: It’s not restaurant experience.

    With 130+ franchise locations, Teriyaki Madness’ Japanese franchise is the fastest-growing big restaurant chain in America. And you should know, it’s not only the delicious food that sets TMAD apart from the crowd, it’s our people — and the endless support we give to every franchisee — that makes us different.

    TMAD provides a TON of support for franchisees!

    Hear from each department on the individualized support you’ll receive.


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    Hear from Patrick Pounders, Executive Director of Development, on the secret sauce that turns franchise dreams into reality faster than you can say ‘Teriyaki Madness!

    Real Estate

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    Learn from Beth Steeler, Director of Real Estate, on how we navigate the world of real estate to find the perfect spot for your Teriyaki Madness locations, making location scouting as easy as ordering your favorite bowl!


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    Hear from Veronica Reyes, Design Manager, talk about creating eye-catching Teriyaki Madness interiors and exteriors that feel like local neighborhood Teriyaki Shops.


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    Mike McDermott, Director of Design & Construction, shares how we build your Teriyaki Madness empire from the ground up.


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    Hear from Kevin McCarthy, Executive Vice President of Field Training & Operations, on how our comprehensive training program takes you from rookie to Teriyaki ninja.

    Business Coaches

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    Galen Sullivan, Franchise Business Coach, explains how TMAD Business Coaches provide guidance and support to help you grow your Teriyaki empire, navigate profitability goals, and conquer any challenges that come your way.


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    Jodi Boyce, Chief Marketing Officer, dishes out the spicy details on how we spice up your brand visibility and drive customers to your Teriyaki Madness locations.

    Can a franchisor ever provide too much support?

    We’ve heard some are surprised when they hear about all we do to support our franchisees. (Ha! It’s not the first time we’ve heard we’re “too much.”) 

    Call us crazy, but we think a simple concept, extreme support, and hardworking franchisees are a winning combination. It’s how we’re able to help our franchisees from a variety of backgrounds – tech, corporate, logistics, business owners, and even healthcare – rock the wok.