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    In spirit of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, Teriyaki Madness would like to express its gratitude to our hard working Franchise Owners. Our Asian food franchise has grown incredibly in the past decade and a half. None of our success would have been made possible, however, if it wasn’t for the entrepreneurs that work so hard to keep each of our individual locations booming. Since 2003, our Asian food franchise has grown to 150+ locations and our Franchise Owners bring in an average of $1,095,618* in annual sales. With 34% Stacked Same Shop Sales Growth (2023 vs. 2020)* and back to back to back to back to back to back years of consecutive growth, our Asian food franchise has become a leader in the Fast Casual industry. When we founded Teriyaki Madness we joked that complete Teriyaki world domination was our eventual goal, but we now believe it may actually be possible with the amazing Franchise Owners we have running the show. Each new location secures a massive crowd of raving fans and the demand for our tasty Teriyaki food is insatiable. As more entrepreneurs are attracted to our profitable Japanese franchise, we can only thank our current Franchise Owners for getting us this far.

    *Refer to the Franchise Disclosure Document.


    A Business Plan Built for Success

    What makes Teriyaki Madness the most successful Japanese food franchise? Our full-service franchise support:

    Real Estate & Construction

    Once you’ve signed the contract, our real estate team will help you find the best location for your brand new Asian food franchise. With attention to foresight, planning, and oversight, we will connect you with a general contractor that will handle the build out process so you can get your Teriyaki Madness open and running in no time.

    Supply Chain

    We take great pride in our menu and ensure that each of our locations has access to premium ingredients and quality supplies. We will keep you connected with vendors and take care of the paperwork.


    Our operations team are like ninjas that work silently behind the scenes, making sure everything runs smoothly so you can manage your business effectively. From business reviews and weekly reporting to compliance and regulations, we will take care of all the small stuff so you can stay focused.


    SEO, website, blogs, Facebook? We know, it’s confusing. That’s why each Franchise Owner has access to a full fledged marketing team that covers everything from social media and online presence to Grand Opening advertising and brand awareness. We will bring the customers to you, you feed them!

    Ongoing Support

    Even with all of our team members running the show smoothly behind the scenes, there’s bound to be issues that crop up here and there. That’s why corporate support is available 24/7 to answer any questions that may come up along the way. When you invest in our Asian food franchise, you’ll never be in business by yourself.

    Giving Back to Our Asian Food Franchise Owners

    In order to express our sincere gratitude to the hard working bosses who keep the wok flamin’ at each of our Japanese franchise locations, we have developed a robust support plan that incorporates the following support systems laid out below.

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