Madness Runs in the Family in Utah!

Madness Runs in the Family in Utah!

Franchisee Brings Teriyaki to Utah County!

Japanese Franchise

Our newest franchisee will be bringing his Japanese Franchise to Utah County!

This franchisee has over 20 years of restaurant and hospitality experience and decided that it was time to own his own business! His goal for the future is to have a family-owned Teriyaki Shop that is customer driven, while providing delicious yet healthy Teriyaki to his community!

“We will be a family owned restaurant that will be employee focused and customer driven. We will take pride in doing it right the first time while providing world class healthy Japanese-style food and services at affordable prices.”

He originally found TMAD through a business consultant who connected with him through LinkedIn. He thought Teriyaki Madness would be a perfect fit based on TMAD’s hands-on training, and our informative education process.

Our new franchisee plans to bring his Japanese Franchise to Utah and use his background in restaurants to make it a success!

The Family Who Woks Together, Rocks Together!

The Family Who Woks Together, Rocks Together!

Multi-Unit Franchisees Bring More Madness to Northern Colorado!

Tim & Brit McCurry and Erin & Jason Brueggeman are our newest multi-unit operators spreading the Madness in Northern Colorado!

As a family, they’ve always craved healthy fast casual food during their kids’ sports tournaments and before/after camping and boating. The four have always discussed partnering with each other for a family business but never found the right opportunity. When they found Teriyaki Madness, the timing lined up and their teriyaki franchise was born!

Tim originally heard about TMAD through one of his customers, “I was buying lunch for a customer and they wanted to go to TMAD. One bite of spicy chicken, and I fell in love.”

The four of them have a wide variety of restaurant experience making them perfect for owning and operating three TMAD locations. Tim has always dreamed of owning his own restaurant and will be the main operator for his teriyaki franchise.

Tim said, “As a family, we have always talked about a franchise and we are, for lack of a better description, foodies. We have always felt that fast casual was a good option, and we feel there is a need for additional healthy options, particularly in our area.”

The family’s three locations will be spread throughout Northern Colorado in the Loveland, Longmont and Fort Collins Area. 

Sold In Las Vegas, Opening in Arizona!

Sold In Las Vegas, Opening in Arizona!

Multi-Unit Franchisee Creates Legacy for His Family in Phoenix!

Japanese Fast Food Franchise“I want to create a legacy for my family and children. Something that

they can be involved in and take over when the time is right!”

As a Las Vegas resident, Dominic Do saw the success of the 17 Teriyaki Shops in the Las Vegas territory. He fell in love with the TMAD brand and Japanese fast food franchise business model but knew that the Vegas territory was sold out. Dominic decided to move his family to Pheonix Arizona, where he will be spreading the Madness as a Multi-Unit Operator!

Dominic’s experience includes owning three dental practices in Las Vegas, Nevada but he wanted to expand his horizon’s into restaurant ownership. He originally found TMAD through his kids who loved visiting TMAD on a regular basis.

When looking into restaurant ownership, Dominic said, “I always wanted to start anew line of business and have my own food franchise.” He knew he wanted to grow with a company and own multiple Teriyaki Shops which made franchising with TMAD a perfect place to start.

Dominic’s goal with his new Teriyaki Shops is to create a legacy for his family members and to create a future retirement for himself. When asked what made Teriyaki Madness stand out, Dominic said, “The great team, the great food, and overall a great franchise!

Dominic plans to bring multiple locations to Phoenix, Arizona.

Hello St. George, Goodbye Hunger!

Hello St. George, Goodbye Hunger!

Franchisees are Spreading the Madness in Utah!

Japanese Franchise

Travis & Wendy Ficklin are our newest franchisees and they are bringing their Japanese Franchise to St. George, Utah!

Travis spent 20+ years in the hotel and casino industry and was very ready to move onto the next phase in his career and run his own business. Travis and Wendy originally found out about Teriyaki Madness through Randy Thomas, a successful Las Vegas franchisee, and Kevin Bowman, who just opened his first Teriyaki Shop in Spanish Fork, Utah!

When considering the most important things about Teriyaki Madness, Travis said, “Making a good, honest living and providing for my family. Also, working with a proven brand that I believe in!”

Since Travis was very familiar with the brand and the food, Travis and Wendy were quick to jump into the Madness! They plan to bring multiple locations to St. George, Utah!

When asked about his goals for his new Japanese Franchise Travis said, “I plan on continuing the excellence with the brand that Teriyaki Madness is known for!”


Texas Just Got a Whole Lot Bigger!

Texas Just Got a Whole Lot Bigger!

Franchisees Bringing Six Teriyaki Shops to Spring, Texas!

Franchise Opportunities

Father and Son duo, Shawn and Tyler Franks, are our newest franchisees and they are bringing 6 Teriyaki Shops to Texas!

The family initially found Teriyaki Madness through extensive research on franchise opportunities. Shawn has a vast background in entrepreneurship and owns two businesses: a consulting firm and a home healthcare company. Tyler had been in the restaurant industry for over 10 years and is passionate about the food service industry.

Tyler said, “After multiple years of restaurant management, we’ve decided now would be a good time to go in to business with each other.”

After being hooked on the Madness, Shawn and Tyler ultimately decided on investing in 6 Teriyaki Madness locations. They plan to bring their first location to Spring, Texas and have a goal of bringing 6 to 20 Teriyaki Shops to their area in the future!

When asked why Shawn and Tyler are interested in franchising with TMAD, Tyler said, “I look forward to the opportunity to own a restaurant, however not having done it before, I feel a franchise would be the best route. Having a strong support system and a proven business model is a good introduction in to restaurant ownership.”

Welcome to the Madness!

Shawn & Tyler!

Teriyaki Madness Franchise