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    Real Estate &



    Our Real Estate & Construction Team have extensive experience with successful franchisees, and they will be your guide throughout the entire process. We work directly with franchisees and local commercial real estate brokers to identify locations and connect you with the right general contractor. We will continue to provide support and construction insights that bring the right build to the right site. Some say it’s all about “location, location, location”. We say it’s also about “foresight, planning, oversight.”


    Flexible footprint,
    1200-1600 sq ft


    We provide Site Selection & a Market Survey



    Even before you’re in business, you will have the support of our experienced teriyaki franchise Marketing Team. We work directly with social media companies, advertisement agencies, PR firms, online review management companies and many more marketing support vendors to provide you with a strategy to guide you to reach your earnings potential and build brand awareness in your community. It is our belief that irreverent messaging marketing is vitally important, and positioning the brand to standout from the crowd is a source of pride. Take a peek at what TMAD is doing to disrupt the world of fast casual with marketing that’s catching people’s eye.

    Local Marketing

    We provide simple tools and programs to help you connect with your community and build loyalty in your neighborhood.

    Brand Awareness

    Brand awareness is vitally important and positioning the brand to stand out from the crowd through irreverent messaging is a source of pride. Our Marketing Team works on a local, regional, and national level to build the Teriyaki Madness franchise brand.

    Social Media & Advertising

    Clicks, likes, shares—it’s all there. We know how to use social to bring in new customers and get people excited about your shop.

    Grand Opening Support

    Our national PR firm will be there to make your grand opening an event that draws the masses and gives them a taste of TMAD.

    Supply Chain


    TMAD takes great pride in our menu. Our Japanese food franchise  partners with great companies that work to make sure the right products are delivered at the right time for the right price. It’s all in the name of making distribution worry-free. We work hard to get volume buying power and the best services available. On our end, we review all vendors, manufacturers, and suppliers to ensure that we are getting the best service, products and ingredients at the best price. We RFP, manage, consolidate, communicate, negotiate and audit to insure you don’t have to.

    Training & Operations


    Our Operations Team acts as ninjas in the background, helping you with everything. Full quarterly business reviews, mystery shops, goal setting, weekly reporting, frequent visits, business set-up, vendor facilitation, lead operational systems, compliance, health and safety regulations and Profit & Loss Management. Phew, that’s a lot of support (and we probably left a lot out). But our point is: We’re super stealthy ninjas that get the job done, so you can concentrate on running your business.

    Training Support

    Our Core Values

    Work Ethic

    From the CEO down, we believe in solid work ethic. We help you train in a way that’s focused on developing Teriyaki Ninjas who are devoted to TMAD, enjoy their work and only know one kind of grease: Elbow.


    We want folks dedicated to the dream of a business that not only helps their goals but elevates everyone around them. TMAD is built on reliability and accountability.


    We’re passionate about teriyaki, but we’re even more passionate about people (even though they’re not as delicious). From our stores to the communities where we live, we are all about those who want to help others succeed.


    We’re fans of self-starters. The go-getters who see opportunities to drive positive change. These are the people with vision. Everything they do makes TMAD a little bit better.


    We work side-by-side with our franchisees to develop new products and create more profitability. No ivory tower here.


    We believe in building a culture of fulfilled, successful people. We take measured risks, dream big, hang out, high five and maybe tell a dirty joke here and there. But it’s team and community from top to bottom.

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