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    Asian Food Franchise


    Teriyaki Madness is a fast growing Japanese restaurant franchise that has exploded through the Fast Casual industry with astonishing unit economics. With an AUV of $1,105,186* and Stacked Same Shop Sales Growth of 33% (2022 vs. 2020)*, Teriyaki Madness has defined success in the Asian food category. If you are excited about Asian food and profit, then Teriyaki Madness is probably a great fit for you. We are looking to continue our expansion nationwide with talented entrepreneurs and qualified business partners.

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    Both partnerships that are new to the franchise model or those who have already found success in restaurant franchising are welcome. Investing into our Japanese franchise with a partner affords various benefits, including:


    • More Capital – At Teriyaki Madness, we understand that it’s all about the money. That’s why we started this business in the place (plus our obsession with teriyaki). We have worked hard to keep start up costs low for investors so that they can begin profiting as soon as possible. Where the industry average investment for Fast Casual franchises stands at $764,395, Teriyaki Madness maintains a start up cost range of $312,500 – $731,260*. With a partner, you can further reduce the investment by splitting things 50/50, 40/60, or whatever you prefer – the choice is yours! With two individuals financing the show, you’ll have more capital for future investments. A multi-unit investment is also more sustainable with one or more partners.
    • Additional Support – Finances aren’t the only thing you’ll share with your partner. An extra set of hands means that accomplishing tasks and staying on schedule will be easier. Managing a restaurant on your own can be tough. Add a talented partner to the picture and you’ll be able to breeze through each work week.
    • Double the Experience – Ideally, your business partner will have strengths where you have weaknesses, and vice versa. Maybe you’re awful when it comes to customer facing situations but you’re a star behind the scenes with numbers and organization. Your partner, on the other hand, is great at managing the staff and an expert in customer service. That’s a dream team if we ever saw one! Double the experience, skills, and resources is one of the top benefits of a business partnership.
    • Work Life Balance – While Teriyaki Madness has worked hard to create a fun and engaging work environment, we understand that everyone needs a break sometimes. With a partner, it will be easier to manage a flexible schedule and a positive work life balance. By supporting each other, you can ensure there is always time for family and personal pursuits.

    The benefits of investing into our Japanese franchise are only supplemented by our robust support program. All Franchise Owners will receive opening assistance and ongoing support in marketing, operations, and supply chain. Teriyaki Madness is defined by teamwork and we are always excited to add qualified partners to our family. Contact us today to learn more about getting started.


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    While the Fast Casual industry is certainly lucrative at $52+ billion a year, franchises that aren’t following industry best practices will certainly fall behind. An investment into Teriyaki Madness is an opportunity to stake your claim in the industry while remaining ahead of the game. Contact us today to learn more about our Asian Food Franchise.