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    Secure Your Retirement with an Asian Fast Food Franchise

    While there are a lucky few who actually enjoy their job, everyone’s eventual goal is retirement, those golden days where work is no longer necessary. But who says that you can’t both enjoy your work and retire early? If you’re working in a dead end desk job, then it’s probably unlikely. If you had the chance to work for yourself, in a fun and challenging environment, then it’s highly likely. Teriyaki Madness is an Asian fast food franchise that is both fun and profitable. The positive environment of Teriyaki Madness creates a fun and challenging work space while the high revenue allows owners to make large contributions to their retirement fund. If you’re interested in joining an Asian fast food franchise, Teriyaki Madness is an investment for your future.

    Low Risk, High Reward

    Teriyaki Madness has a high Average Unit Volume (AUV), low investment cost and amazing profitability. Simple to buy-in and simple to succeed.

    Training & Support

    Comprehensive training is followed up with continued support by an experienced team with amazing support and coaching from each department to keep your team woking the wok.

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    Teriyaki makes people happy, especially owners.

    Simple & Scalable Concept

    Our simple menu is intuitive for customers and employees alike. This Japanese restaurant franchise is a simple and profitable business for 1 unit or 100 units.

    Consecutive Years of Growth

    Teriyaki Madness has an Average Unit Volume (AUV) of $1,105,186*. By the number, you can see that TMAD is a winning concept for new and experienced franchisees alike.


    A popular new term bouncing around the business world is “FIRE” and it embraces the idea of acquiring financial freedom early on and retiring early. While this is certainly tempting, it is quite a difficult achievement when you are working on someone else’s terms. The ones that have been able to achieve this goal are freelancers and business owners. Taking the dive into entrepreneurship isn’t ideal for all, as it can be extremely risky. Franchising, on the other hand, is a risk free way to embrace entrepreneurship and the possibility of FIRE. When you own an Asian fast food restaurant, you have all the independence and capital gains of a typical business owner without the risk.


    Teriyaki Madness is a leader in the Asian fast food franchise industry. With Stacked Same Shop Sales Growth at 33% (2022 vs. 2020)* and an average store revenue of $1.10* million annually, it is easy to see how owning an Asian fast food franchise could lead to early retirement. With a low end initial investment (of $312,500 – $731,260), ROI is typically achieved very quickly. Such amazing profitability makes Teriyaki Madness a low risk, high reward investment. Dreams of financial freedom become attainable as a Teriyaki Madness franchisee. Whether early retirement is a goal of yours or not, it is certainly attainable with Teriyaki Madness. Other owners have also gone on to open various locations or their own start up ventures. With Teriyaki Madness, the sky is the limit.



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    When you invest in Teriyaki Madness, you invest in your freedom. Franchising allows for independence, risk free profitability, and business knowledge. You will gain capital, business know-how, networking skills, and the freedom to make choices, economically and financially. All of these skills aid in future success, no matter what you decide to do. And, we will help you along the way. At Teriyaki Madness, we love the way we wok so much that it is our goal to make sure all of our locations succeed. With unbeatable training and ongoing support, you will never be left alone in the dark. To learn more about our industry-leading Asian fast food franchise, call us today.

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