Does Panda Express Franchise?

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    Panda Express chooses to be a corporately owned business which makes the Panda Express franchise opportunity nonexistent. Panda Express is a corporation that consists of Panda Inn, and Hibachi-san, and Panda Express. The company has a goal to provide Asian dining experiences but because all stores are corporately owned, a panda franchise is not a possibility.

    TMAD vs. Panda Express Chart
    Japanese Franchise

    What is Panda Express?

    Panda Express gained its reputation through serving Asian-style cuisine in a fast food environment. Panda Express proudly follows the “Panda Way” which is an extension of the corporation’s values such as a healthy lifestyle, continuous learning, and acknowledging others. Panda Express serves up Asian style entrees, appetizers, and sides

    Panda Express Franchise Costs

    If you are interested in owning a panda franchise, you may be wondering how much does a Panda Express franchise cost? The company does not provide the Panda Express franchise costs because according to the website, “Panda Restaurant Group operates all of our restaurants with the exception of select locations in airports, universities, military bases, hospitals, casinos, amusement parks and stadiums. We do not offer franchises at this time” Which makes franchising a Panda Express impossible.

    If Panda Express franchises, the Panda Express franchise costs would break down between license fees, furniture, lease agreements, and miscellaneous expenses. If a Panda Express franchise was for sale, the costs would range from $370,000 – $1,550,200.

    All in all, if you are looking to see how much a Panda Express franchise cost is, it may be best to look towards better Asian-style restaurants that are open to the public.

    Panda Express Franchise Requirments

    You may be wondering, “Does Panda Express franchise?” While there is some information available on the panda express franchise costs and the panda express franchise requirements, the company does not offer franchises. Panda Express continuously looks for ways to grow throughout a number of cities in the country, but they choose to operate corporately owned stores only. Unfortunately, if you have a goal to own a panda franchise or are inquiring about if a Panda Express franchise is for sale, you will need to become a corporate employee and you will not be able to own your own Panda Express franchise.

    Panda Express Franchise Info

    Looking for Panda Express Franchise Info? In the 90’s, Panda Express almost went public and offered Panda Express Franchise Opportunities. The corporation decided against letting people own their own Panda Express franchise and keep the business solely corporately owned. If you are looking to own a Panda Express franchise, there are plenty of opportunities available to own your own Asian-style cuisine business at companies that do offer franchises.

    Looking to franchise a Panda Express, but discouraged because you can’t?

    Don’t get discouraged, Panda Express may not franchise, but we do! Through years spent mastering marinating, grilling, chopping and wok-ing, we make bowls that are as delicious and hearty as they are healthy.

    Asian Franchise

    Training & Support

    Comprehensive training is followed up with continued support by an experienced team with amazing support and coaching from each department to keep your team woking the wok.

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    Our simple menu is intuitive for customers and employees alike. This Japanese restaurant franchise is a simple and profitable business for 1 unit or 100 units.

    Consecutive Years of Growth

    Teriyaki Madness has an Average Unit Volume (AUV) of $1,095,618*. By the number, you can see that TMAD is a winning concept for new and experienced franchisees alike.


    Looking to Franchise Panda Express? Franchise with Teriyaki Madness instead!

    Managed by an experienced group of fast casual executives combined with a mature business system, paves the way for Teriyaki Madness’ growth. TMAD is the #1 branded Asian delivery in America.

    Huge Bowls. Big Profits.

    We are very transparent with our numbers. The Item 19 Financial Performance Representation includes all Income Statements from all shops open 2 or more years. Visit to see!

    Sales: AUV $1,095,618*

    Stacked Same Shop Sales Growth: 34% (2023 vs. 2020)*

    Initial Investment: $350,500 – $976,860*

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