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    Japanese Franchise For Sale

    Littleton, CO

    Teriyaki Madness expands yet again in Colorado! A big welcome to Terry and Julie Criger, in addition to their partner Reymond Leyba. The three new members of the TMAD team all have extensive professional experience. They value their family and want to provide for their future!

    “The only way to be successful in life is working as a team. Everyone needs someone else to be successful, I’m a big believer in that.“

    – Terry and Julie Criger and Reymond Leyba

    Japanese Franchise For Sale

    Lewisville, TX

    This is the seventh shop Restaurant Sherpas has opened for clients of FirstPathway Partners since the Fall of 2020! It certainly won’t be the last though!

    “Entering the exciting world of franchise development and ownership always seemed like something that was out of reach for us. That is until we met the team at Restaurant Sherpas.”

    – Dan Wycklendt, FirstPathway Partners on behalf of clients

    Japanese Franchise For Sale

    Johnstown, Co

    Michael and Shavonn bring their family to ours! As a health conscious household that loves good food, TMAD was a no brainer for them!

    “We are fully committed to growing in every way we can.”

    – Michael Janes, Franchisee

    Japanese Franchise For Sale

    Vernon Hills, IL

    For David Rounds, organizational strength and a passion for the product are what makes a great concept (great returns don’t hurt either.) David tackled the learning curve that comes with opening a restaurant head on and now has a great location to show for his hard work!

    “TMAD has a great product, strong support, great results and lots of opportunity.”

    – David Rounds, Franchisee

    Japanese Franchise For Sale

    Rolling Meadows, IL

    Six shops in six months! Restaurant Sherpas has been operating at peak performance since the beginning with no signs of letting up. With the opening of this location, they’ve added another success to their track record!

    “We are confident that the Sherpa model will help us succeed with our current restaurants and the additional ones we now have the time to develop with the Sherpas’ help.”

    – Dan Wycklendt, FirstPathway Partners

    Japanese Franchise For Sale

    Oviedo, FL

    Two athletes, one new shop! Paula is a 12-time LPGA Tour Winner and Shane is a former professional baseball player. They tried TMAD for the first time at one of Paula’s golf tournaments and the rest is history!

    “Health is a big part of my life. As an ex-professional baseball player, having healthy, delicious food is a win. I think Teriyaki Madness is very sustainable.”

    – Shane Kennedy, Franchisee

    Japanese Franchise For Sale

    Marlton, NJ

    An especially grand opening! Bola pursued her dream of being her own boss until she found herself at TMAD. Not long after, she’s opening up her own shop!

    “I work very hard for others. Why not work hard for myself?”

    – Bola Abiola, Franchisee

    Japanese Franchise For Sale

    Peoria, AZ

    Three cheers for his second location! Dominic has grown with Teriyaki Madness at an impressive pace, opening his second shop in the last year. He hopes to open his third shop in the near future.

    “I know this is a great franchise. Good food and good people in the workplace.”

    –Dominic Do, Franchisee

    Japanese Franchise For Sale

    Los Angeles, CA

    Looking to be proactive about his future, TJ joined TMAD because he understood what an agile, scalable model can do for him and his family!

    “My wife and I see owning multiple shops as our path to financial freedom, and we think TM is a perfect fit for the L.A. market. “

    –TJ Moffett, Franchisee