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    Asian Food Franchise


    Teriyaki Madness has taken the fast casual industry by storm with our absolute madness for fresh ingredients and outstanding flavor. What began as a simple restaurant idea fueled by a love of Seattle based asian food, has turned into a sustainable and successful business model that burst out as a leader of the Japanese restaurant franchise industry. Since day one, we have pursued fresh, quality ingredients and this has allowed us to stand out among competitors. We bring our customers the exotic flavors of asian food at an affordable price. If you are a foodie, ex-chef, asian food fanatic, or simple looking for a rockin’ business opportunity, allow Teriyaki Madness to rock your world with our Japanese restaurant franchise opportunity!


    Our Asian food franchise has had back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back years of average unit volume growth. Find out more in our Item 19.

    Hottest category in the world

    U.S. sales at Asian fast food restaurants have nearly quintupled since 1999, and the numbers continue to grow. Right now is the time to open a TMAD Japanese franchise and see where teriyaki can take you.

    Simply Successful

    TMAD includes easy onboarding for employees, lots of technology for you, employees and your customers, plus tons of continued support and coaching from the Home Office. We do everything outside your four walls.

    Home office support

    From transition to support, we’re here to help! Resources, training for your staff, and much more as you continue on in Teriyaki Madness ownership.

    Asian Food Franchise


    Since 1999, asian fast food restaurants have grown 500%, making asian food the fastest growing restaurant category. Bursting with freshness and flavor, japanese restaurant franchise food brings consumers a delightfully exotic dining experience without costing too much. The fast casual industry exceeds $52 billion annually and it has remained relatively consistent as people with busy schedules like to eat on the go. Teriyaki Madness has managed to wow its customers and stand out among the competition with quality ingredients, catering, call ahead ordering, promotions and customer loyalty programs, delivery, fundraisers, and campaigns. For over 19 years, Teriyaki Madness has steadily expanded across the nation to 130+ locations. With locations in Canada and Mexico, our reach has now expanded internationally – talk about madness! Customers are continually raving about our tasty food and we don’t blame them, because from day one it has always been about the food.

    When we tell people that Asian food is healthy they often respond with, “but how? It’s too tasty!” But who said healthy food couldn’t be tasty? Our teriyaki bowls are a medley of fresh (never frozen) proteins and crisp, healthy vegetables. With various options for customization, there is something to please everyone on the menu. We stay away from pre-made ingredients – many of our sauces are made in house. And every item on the menu is made to order. When freshness and exotic flavors come together, it’s like a party in your mouth. The awesome flavors of fresh, healthy Asian cuisine is what makes us (and our customers) so mad about Teriyaki Madness! Offering our customers quality ingredients has allowed us to stand out from the less than fresh competitors that unfortunately make up a big part of the fast casual industry.

    Asian Food Franchise


    When it comes to profit, we’ve got you covered with an AUV of $1,105,186*. But we all know there are more important things – you could have all the money in the world, but if you don’t enjoy your career, life can be very unsatisfying. That’s why we’ve made Teriyaki Madness a fun, challenging, and satisfying business to own. Call us today to learn more about the Japanese franchise that we’re all mad about!


    *Refer to Franchise Disclosure Document.

    Low Risk, High Reward

    Teriyaki Madness has a high Average Unit Volume (AUV), low investment cost and amazing profitability. Simple to buy-in and simple to succeed.

    Training & Support

    Comprehensive training is followed up with continued support by an experienced team with amazing support and coaching from each department to keep your team woking the wok.

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    Teriyaki makes people happy, especially owners.

    Simple & Scalable Concept

    Our simple menu is intuitive for customers and employees alike. This Japanese restaurant franchise is a simple and profitable business for 1 unit or 100 units.

    Consecutive Years of Growth

    Teriyaki Madness has an Average Unit Volume (AUV) of $1,105,186*. By the number, you can see that TMAD is a winning concept for new and experienced franchisees alike.


    Whether you are abroad or located right in our very own USA, the opportunity to bring the madness to your community is now. For flavor and success, consider an investment into our Asian food franchise.