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    The Advantages of Franchising When Leaving Corporate America

    The 9 to 5 desk job is causing people to look for new avenues where they can experience success. Asian food franchises provide appealing opportunities for those willing to leave Corporate America behind and are determined to succeed. In a world that appears to be in need of high quality and fast casual food more than ever before, entrepreneurs who are hungry for success can easily take a Teriyaki Madness franchise and grow it into multiple locations.

    The Asian Food Franchise controls a large portion of the Fast Casual Food market, and Teriyaki Madness commands some of the best economics in the industry. If you are hyper-focused on providing a high quality product along with terrific customer service, you will experience success. We invite you to research the economics of our business model and come to that determination for yourself.

    Huge bowls of being your

    Own Boss

    Does all of this talk about Asian food, catering, holiday parties, and profit have you feeling left out? Don’t worry – you too can join in on the Teriyaki craze and take advantage of our profitable Asian food franchise. With a simple investment into Teriyaki Madness, you can open your very own Japanese restaurant franchise. The average investment cost falls between $312,500 – $731,260, with the higher end covering the cost of building out larger restaurant spaces. In addition to the construction of your brand new Asian food franchise, your initial investment will also cover everything needed to get the Woks flaming: training; initial inventory; kitchen equipment and supplies; uniforms; computers, software, and POS systems; and grand opening marketing. At TMAD, we realized that success is only possible if each of our individual Franchise Owners finds success and that’s why when you invest in us, we invest in you. From a robust training program to ongoing corporate support, we’ll have your back from day one.

    Huge bowls of awesomeness


    We are delicious food that is healthy. Not healthy food that is delicious.


    Made when you order, and not a single second sooner. We’re Teriyaki Masters, not mind-readers.


    Always fresh, never frozen, marinated and grilled meats, meant for delicious and healthy eating.

    Quality Ingredients

    A collection of gluten free house-made sauces, made from scratch with the best ingredients.

    Asian Food Franchise


    Have you ever found yourself feeling that your current job is unfulfilling? Do you find your corporate job to be meaningless? Are you lost in thoughts of finding other work or are constantly searching for other opportunities? You’re not alone.

    Corporate work can be difficult and often unfulfilling. You can spend hours on a project and rarely see any returns. Starting an Asian Food Franchise can help in giving your life purpose again. You will be your own boss; make your own hours, hire your own staff, make your own opportunities. Your success will finally be in your own hands, and with Teriyaki Madness to support you, you will see success.

    Average Unit Volume
    Our Average Unit Volumes (AUV) is $1,105,186*. Find out more about your earnings potential in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which includes the Item 19.
    Initial Investment



    Teriyaki Madness’ initial investment range is $312,500 – $731,260*. With the average initial investment in the fast casual industry at $764,395*, becoming a TMAD franchisee is a no brainer.

    Stacked Same Shop Sales Growth (2022 vs. 2020)
    Up to
    There are more than 130 Teriyaki Madness shops open across the United States including two in Mexico and two in Canada! With strong support, numbers and scalability, TMAD is a fantastic addition to your franchise portfolio or a great choice for first-timer franchisees.

    Our Core Values

    Work Ethic

    From the CEO down, we believe in solid work ethic. We help you train in a way that’s focused on developing Teriyaki Ninjas who are devoted to TMAD, enjoy their work and only know one kind of grease: Elbow.


    We want folks dedicated to the dream of a business that not only helps their goals but elevates everyone around them. TMAD is built on reliability and accountability.


    We’re passionate about teriyaki, but we’re even more passionate about people (even though they’re not as delicious). From our stores to the communities where we live, we are all about those who want to help others succeed.


    We’re fans of self-starters. The go-getters who see opportunities to drive positive change. These are the people with vision. Everything they do makes TMAD a little bit better.


    We work side-by-side with our franchisees to develop new products and create more profitability. No ivory tower here.


    We believe in building a culture of fulfilled, successful people. We take measured risks, dream big, hang out, high five and maybe tell a dirty joke here and there. But it’s team and community from top to bottom.
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    If you’re frustrated with your current position, consider joining Teriyaki Madness. We are looking for individuals who share our passion for providing a best-in-class experience, products and customer service. We need partners who deeply care about their business, are passionate about providing a high quality product and have the ability to execute our business model flawlessly. We hope that’s you and that you’ll take the first steps toward becoming a Teriyaki Madness owner.