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    Invest in Your Future: How Franchising Makes it Easy

    When looking to join a Japanese franchise, look no further than Teriyaki Madness. With over 20 years of success we continue to experience back-to-back years of sales growth. Our food and flavor are one-of-a-kind and we are constantly engaged in an endless effort to bring our taste to people everywhere. We are only growing stronger each and every year thanks to our new shops opening nationwide. If you’re ready to invest in your future by joining the franchise family, give Teriyaki Madness a call today.

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    Own Boss

    Does all of this talk about Asian food, catering, holiday parties, and profit have you feeling left out? Don’t worry – you too can join in on the Teriyaki craze and take advantage of our profitable Asian food franchise. With a simple investment into Teriyaki Madness, you can open your very own Japanese restaurant franchise. The average investment cost falls between $350,500 – $976,860*, with the higher end covering the cost of building out larger restaurant spaces. In addition to the construction of your brand new Asian food franchise, your initial investment will also cover everything needed to get the Woks flaming: training; initial inventory; kitchen equipment and supplies; uniforms; computers, software, and POS systems; and grand opening marketing. At TMAD, we realized that success is only possible if each of our individual Franchise Owners finds success and that’s why when you invest in us, we invest in you. From a robust training program to ongoing corporate support, we’ll have your back from day one.

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    Asian Food Franchise


    If you’re considering investing in your future by opening your own Japanese franchise, we would invite you to seriously consider joining Teriyaki Madness. We pride ourselves on making opening your franchise as simple and pain free as possible. After more than 20 years of high growth and success we have realized that if we want to continue to see success we need to surround ourselves with motivated individuals and guide and support them as much as possible. When you invest with Teriyaki Madness you will never be left alone.

    As a new franchise owner you’ll be provided our unique business model and supported by our corporate staff. You’ll receive top-of-the-line education as you begin to set up your new franchise along with financial guidance. By choosing to franchise with Teriyaki Madness you will be making one of the best choices for your future. We’ll be with you every step of the way to impart what we’ve learned and to set you on the path to become the best Asian food franchise in your community. Don’t waste anymore time and give Teriyaki Madness a call today.

    Franchise Report

    Dive deep into the business model and support resources. Then, hear how the TMAD concept is helping owners succeed from the start.

    Strong Profit Potential

    Average Unit Volumes (AUV) of $1.09 million* equals A LOT of teriyaki bowls!

    Sales to Investment Ratio

    High average unit volume combined with lower investment costs. Easy to start, easy to succeed.

    Growth in numbers

    TMAD is only growing stronger each year with new shop openings happening nationwide. Now is the time to join the TMAD family.

    Asian Food Franchise


    At Teriyaki Madness we have proven that we are one of the best franchises around. We have managed to build a culture of fulfilled, successful people. With the help of our operations and marketing support teams we have managed to create a national brand with a loyal group of customers. We have built a business that is inviting to aspiring entrepreneurs looking for franchises to join and where they can start investing in their future. If you’re ready to take the leap and buy into your own restaurant franchise, give Teriyaki Madness a call.