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    Asian Food Franchise

    The boom of Asian Food franchises

    In the lucrative $52 billion Fast Casual industry, Asian food franchises are becoming more and more popular. Ethnic food is the new craze, particularly Asian flavors. Studies show that 32% of consumers are willing to pay more for ethnic food, with 44% of consumers always preferring ethnic cuisine over typical American-style dishes. In your search for a Japanese franchise to invest in, you’ve probably come across Pei Wei franchise, Teriyaki Madness franchise, and Tokyo Joe’s franchise. Unfortunately, Pei Wei does not franchise. The company is corporate owned and no outside investments are accepted. That leaves investors to choose between Tokyo Joe’s or Teriyaki Madness – which is the best option?

    When it comes to running a Fast Casual franchise, the product you are selling will make or break your business. With a recent demand for healthier options and fresher ingredients, Asian food franchises that offer poor menu options are losing out on sales. In addition to healthy options, consumers also expect a diverse menu that is full of flavor, alternative dietary options, and fun reward programs. While the Tokyo Joe’s Franchise offers customers a good choice of healthy options, their menu doesn’t compare to that of the Teriyaki Madness Franchise when it comes to product diversity. Teriyaki madness has fully customizable bowls, katsu and mac salad side options, and a specialized teriyaki menu that drives customers wild. In addition to this flavor bursting menu, Teriyaki Madness has an extensive rewards programs – customers can receive a free bowl upon downloading the Teriyaki Madness app and rewards never expire! When it comes to customer satisfaction, Teriyaki Madness is a far better choice than Tokyo Joe’s franchise.


    We are delicious food that is healthy. Not healthy food that is delicious.

    Strong profit potential

    Strong Average Unit Volumes (AUV) of $1.07 million!

    Sales to investment ratio

    High average unit volume combined with lower investment costs. Easy to start, easy to succeed.

    Growth in numbers

    TMAD is only growing stronger each year with new shop openings happening nationwide. Now is the time to join the TMAD family.

    Open, Wok, Repeat

    The TMAD model keeps people coming back for those big bowls of deliciousness. So, are you ready to join the new wave of quick service stores and work for yourself? We thought so.


    Our Asian food franchise has had back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back years of average unit volume growth. Find out more in our Item 19 that shows Income Statements from Teriyaki Madness franchisees.

    Hottest category in the world

    U.S. sales at Asian fast food restaurants have nearly quintupled since 1999, and the numbers continue to grow. Right now is the time to open a TMAD Japanese franchise and see where teriyaki can take you.

    Simply Successful

    TMAD includes easy onboarding for employees, lots of technology for you, employees and your customers, plus tons of continued support and coaching from the Home Office. We do everything outside your four walls.

    Home office support

    From transition to support, we’re here to help! Resources, training for your staff, and much more as you continue on in Teriyaki Madness ownership.

    Don’t be upset that Pei Wei doesn’t franchise, or that Tokyo Joe’s Franchise is a poor investment option. Teriyaki Madness is an award winning Asian food franchise with four years of consecutive sales growth! With a diverse, flavorful menu, great awards programs, and a fun environment, Teriyaki Madness is quickly becoming a consumer favorite Asian Food Franchise. There are currently 100+ locations and the franchise is looking to expand nationwide – multiple territories are available. With an AUV of $1,079,488*, Teriyaki Madness is the winning choice for Asian food franchise investors.

    * Refer to the 2021 Franchise Disclosure Document