Teriyaki Madness comes to Cordelia

Teriyaki Madness comes to Cordelia

Teriyaki Madness comes to Cordelia

Need a tasty, quick meal in the Cordelia area featuring homemade sauces and fresh goods?

Teriyaki Madness may be for you! This Colorado-based franchise is now making it’s way to Cordelia, California!

Featuring lean meats cut in-house, fresh vegetables, white and brown rice (and fried rice) as well as noodles and tofu, there’s something for everything.

Food here is customizable — pick a bowl or a plate, a foundation (white, fried or brown rice; vegetables; or noodles), a protein (chicken, beef or tofu) and veggies already come with the meal. Plates come with a choice of veggies, green salad or macaroni salad.

There’s appetizers including chicken potstickers and eggrolls, edamame and rangoons.

And don’t forget the sauces — there’s nine kinds, all made in-house.

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Cultivating Positive Word-of-Mouth with Brand Ambassadors

In the age of the all-important customer review, so much attention has been paid to how to (and how not to) handle a negative comment. But what about the positive ones? Some operators have found that how they respond to glowing compliments can have significant benefits to the brand. Here, they weigh in on where to find brand evangelists and how to encourage and engage them.

Where to find them

Look at fundraising participants, cull review sites, and search beyond Facebook and Twitter.

Then what?

Give a shoutout, create exclusive experiences, and be on the lookout for what might make it easier for fans to share their experience.

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Teriyaki Madness Marietta Open Now!

Teriyaki Madness Marietta Open Now!

Teriyaki Madness Marietta Brings the Madness to Georgia.

Teriyaki Madness Marietta is officially open today! The location opens today and will be spearheading our charge into Georgia and helping us bring the madness and delicious teriyaki to the rest of the United States!

The location is currently having its grand opening today! As part of the grand opening, Joe and Robin Cleveland are giving away free teriyaki bowls for a year for the first five customers and free teriyaki for a month for the next twenty after!

We are very excited to have Joe and Robin join our team, as they bring valuable passion and professional expertise to the TMAD system.

I have worked in the hospitality industry for over 15 years. I feel like Teriyaki Madness is an extension of where my true passion lies. We are eager to provide a healthy and unique dining option for local families and to create an environment that supports the community. – Robin Cleveland

We here at Teriyaki Madness value our contribution to our franchisees communities. Keeping with that sentiment, Joe and Robin’s location will be creating twenty new jobs and adding a healthy, nutritious dining option to the Marietta community!

Stay tuned for further announcements regarding new Teriyaki Madness locations and Franchisees.

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