Teriyaki Madness Spices Up Florida with a Franchise Frenzy

With a concept so hot that even Floridians are impressed, the teriyaki shop franchise aims to open 22 new shops across the state.

Attention Floridians: Fasten your seatbelts. Teriyaki Madness (TMAD), the Seattle-style teriyaki shop franchise, is growing in the Sunshine State with a plan so hot it could fry an egg on the sidewalk.

Why Florida, you ask? No, it’s not just the weather. We’re talking about a hotbed of franchising opportunities across the state, from St. Johns down to Miami and from Clearwater over to Melbourne.

“We’re setting the table for unparalleled growth in the state,” said Michael Haith, TMAD’s CEO. “Securing top-notch locations is our game plan to bowl over the competition and win hearts, one teriyaki bowl at a time.”

Becky Richmond, the owner of TMAD in Lakeland, Florida, is a prime example of the opportunities that abound for the brand in the state. From ranch girl to teriyaki franchisee, Richmond’s journey is nothing short of epic.

“I’ve done everything — I grew up on a cattle ranch in western South Dakota, I managed a golf course shop, I worked at an auction house, I waited tables, I opened a Christmas tree lot business, I worked for a transportation company,” said Richmond. “But my parents were entrepreneurs, and I always knew I was an entrepreneur at heart.”

When Richmond decided to start her own franchise, she pursued a few options, but nothing could compare to the Madness and their full-service support for franchisees.

“The reason we chose this brand was simple — we drove to the closest TMAD, ordered one of everything on the menu, and we were blown away,” said Richmond. “I’m sure the kid at the counter that day thought we were insane! We packaged everything up, brought it to work the next day, and everyone else agreed that it was amazing. It was the food that sold us. From there, we took off like gangbusters.”

Richmond officially opened TMAD of Lakeland in the summer of 2019 and says the city — as well as the TMAD family — has welcomed her with open arms. “TMAD is a great business because it’s not only the corporate team that wants you to succeed,” she said. “Each individual shop owner also wants other shop owners to succeed. Someone is always there to support you.”

TMAD stands out in the franchise industry by providing unparalleled support and a comprehensive training model that enhances the success of its franchisees. This includes extensive onboarding, hands-on operational training and ongoing educational resources, as well as access to a dedicated Operations Service Manager to guide owners on every aspect of the business from lease signing through to the shop opening.

And the TMAD franchise family is expanding rapidly in FloridaJohn Yu and Al Desai are already making waves in Oviedo with plans to toss two more TMAD shops into the mix. Meanwhile, Dave Patrick and Rob Garnecki are on the brink of opening the second of three Northern Florida shops in St. Johns.

Now, with a plan to add an additional 22 TMAD shops, the brand shows no signs of slowing down.

“We at TMAD are on a mission,” Haith said. “To provide the support and training for our franchisees to succeed in business by providing delicious, healthy food to their communities. It seems to have resonated!”

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