Teriyaki Madness Puts Its Growth on Display

The growth Teriyaki Madness has experienced in recent years has been undeniable. So much so that the Teriyaki Franchise decided to gather up all of our franchisees to celebrate and share best practices at the first ever Teriyaki Madness Conference. 
200 franchisees, vendor partners and corporate team members gathered in Denver, Colorado for the 3-day event where attendees came together to recognize the achievements of the past year and discuss the strategic plan for 2020.

”We saw tons of teamwork on display as franchisees shared best practices and ways to improve profitability and revenue, ultimately helping our shop owners leave the conference with lists of implementable action items to improve their local businesses.” – CEO Michael Haith


Through a series of speakers, roundtables, vendor events and more, franchisees were exposed to various learning experiences and networking opportunities which were designed to help them get the most out of their time in Denver.


Teriyaki franchise owner Aaron Weissman won the brand’s first-ever Franchisee of the Year award. Aaron, a shop owner in Great Falls, Montana, who was recognized by TMAD for following all systems and processes; and showing a willingness to cooperate and collaborate with the TMAD home office and other franchisees. Weissman also won the inaugural award for achieving the best Chatmeter score, a service that aggregates online reviews, among other things, to quantify positive store sentiment.

When discussing why his shop saw so much success in 2019, Weissman said, “We have developed a clientele of professionals that use our app to streamline their busy lunch hour and families that can get what they want out of dinner.  When it comes down to it, our food has integrity, and that resonates.”

When you’re growing as fast as Teriyaki Madness is, it’s essential to have people in place who know what they’re doing on both the corporate team and within the franchise system. If the first conference is any indication, this Teriyaki Franchise is knocking it out of the park in that regard.

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