michael haith bowl of asian food franshise

Michael Haith

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Haith’s role is to oversee Teriyaki Madness both at a corporate level and franchisee level. With almost 30 years of experience as a franchisee, franchisor, franchise investor and supplier, Michael has a unique perspective on what it takes to achieve success for entire franchise systems.

• Franchisee of Pour La France! Catering
• Managing partner of Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees and Smoothies.
• Founded Franchise Sherpas, an incubator and investment firm devoted to the partnership and development of emerging franchisors
• Chairman-Mentor at Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees & Smoothies, Franchise Sherpas, Doc Popcorn, Kidcreate, and Raintree Franchise Sales Agency
• Investor in start up franchises
• Owner of Teriyaki Madness


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