Teriyaki Madness Listed as Best Asian Restaurant Franchise of 2019

Teriyaki Madness Listed as Best Asian Restaurant Franchise of 2019

Franchise Chatter – The 11 Best Asian Restaurant Franchises of 2019

Asian Restaurant FranchisesTeriyaki Madness was featured in Franchise Chatter’s ‘The 11 best Asian Restaurant Franchises of 2019’! 

According to Franchise Chatter, “Asian quick-serve and fast-casual restaurants are exploding in popularity all over the world, and entrepreneurs who want to ride this rising tide have a solid short list of the 11 best Asian restaurant franchises to examine.”

The website highlights that TMAD’s menu is actually very simple with healthy, yet delicious options for all audiences to enjoy. 

“While the Asian segment in the U.S. has traditionally been dominated by independently-owned full-service and fast-food restaurants, 50% of Asian fast-food sales are now generated by chains. This is because the younger generations are into bolder flavors and international foods.”

The article also  boasts that Asian food is a hot trend right now, but despite other restaurants who made the list, only three made it on to the exclusive Entrepreneur magazine Franchise 500 list; and we’re one of them! Currently hitting the Franchise 500 list at #465, TMAD is clearly miles ahead of the competition!


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TMAD Featured For It’s Small Town Success!

TMAD Featured For It’s Small Town Success!

Nation’s Restaurant News – Franchise Focus Magazine

Nation's Restaurant News

Photo from Nations Restaurant News Franchise Focus Magazine

Teriyaki Madness was featured in Nation’s Restaurant News Franchise Focus Magazine talking about attracting new franchisees and the benefits of emerging markets.

Franchise Focus states, “Franchisor’s are seeing benefits in building in small and mid-sized towns” and that smaller towns are ideal because of the lack of competition, lower real estate costs, and available land to build on.  

TMAD has noticed a trend of small town success in recent years. Franchise Focus considers Teriyaki Madness in Elko, Nevada and Burlington, IA saying, “The operators of small town locations of Teriyaki Madness did not have to do much grand opening advertising.”

CEO, Michael Haith said, “Everybody knows you’re there…they were all watching the construction of the building.”

The article focuses on the fact that densely populated areas are becoming too saturated and therefore franchisees are heading to smaller markets to test the waters. Another selling point for smaller markets is that customers are willing to drive farther for quality fast casual dining, which is why TMAD works so well.

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What Do You Get When You Give  Gator a Teriyaki Bowl?

What Do You Get When You Give Gator a Teriyaki Bowl?

TMAD Wins Franchise Gator Awards Four Years in a Row!

Franchise Gator Awards

Teriyaki Madness made the ranks for the 4th year in a row for not one but two Franchise Gator awards! TMAD made it to the list of Franchise Gator’s Top Emerging Franchises and Franchise Gator’s Fastest Growing Franchises! Both Rankings are pulled from each franchises Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and measures financial stability, growth, transparency, engagement, continuity and sustainability!

Fastest Growing Franchises

TMAD ranked in at number 15 for the Franchise Gator Fastest Growing franchises!

“Strong growth is one of many areas a prospective franchisee can look at when evaluating a franchise brand,” said Eric Bell, General Manager at Franchise Gator. “Total unit count is important as every franchise company’s mission is to increase their footprint as it makes the whole system much healthier.” 

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Top Emerging Franchises

TMAD hit the ranks at number 48 for the Franchise Gator Top Emerging Franchises!

“Some prospective franchisees are focused on joining an up-and-coming system,” said Eric Bell, General Manager at Franchise Gator. “They thrive on the risk associated because they know the upside could be exciting. We wanted to highlight opportunities that fit the bill for these future business owners.”

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More Than Just a Bunch of Really, Really, Really, Ridiculously Good Looking People!

More Than Just a Bunch of Really, Really, Really, Ridiculously Good Looking People!

TMAD Wrangled the Best Executive Team in the Business!


Teriyaki Franchise

Over the last three years, Teriyaki Madness has worked hard to build a teriyaki franchise executive team to match the best bowls in the business. We have recruited top notch talent in every area of leadership with over 180+ years of combined restaurant experience!

Our eight executives have extensive knowledge in working both with franchisors and franchisees and have the specialization to exceed TMAD’s development goals.

We were featured in RestaurantNews.com talking about our impressive executive team members and how they bring a wide range of knowledge to the team!

“The presence of a great executive team has a trickle-down effect so that greatness at every level of the company will follow. We put in the work defining and solidifying processes, and now each of our leaders is building out their own teams and truly assembling the best of the best.”

– Jodi Boyce

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One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish.. Teriyaki Salmon!

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish.. Teriyaki Salmon!

Delicious AF (as fish) Teriyaki Salmon Introduced Just in Time for Lent!

Japanese Franchise

TMAD’s newest LTO (limited time offer), Teriyaki Salmon was introduced at the perfect time! With Lent approaching on March 6th, many restaurant concepts are choosing to introduce seafood items on their menu’s for the season.

Japanese Franchise, Teriyaki Madness was featured in Nation’s Restaurant News for introducing our latest LTO just in time for lent. Our 4-ounce Salmon is perfectly grilled and marinated and comes with a choice of white rice, brown rice, fried rice or noodles, with stir-fried vegetables and teriyaki sauce.

Not only is the salmon delicious AF (as fish) it’s packed full of protein and Omega 3s. The salmon hit all Teriyaki Madness shops on February 11th.

Drooling yet? We are.

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Reasons to Join the Madness:

Here’s why now is the time for you to own your own Japanese Franchise:

  • territories are going fast (63 granted in 2018!)
  • the profitability
  • the yearly sales 
  • the business model (simple and scalable)
  • the food (as hearty and delicious as it is healthy) the real estate (small footprint, think strip malls 1800 sq ft) 
  • the support team (we’ve been able to recruit the best management team in the business!)

Give People What They Want for Lent!

Open a Shop, Sell Teriyaki Salmon.

Teriyaki Madness Franchise