Finally an answer to absentee and semi-absentee franchise owners

Here’s the who, what, where and why of Restaurant Sherpas


Restaurant Sherpas is a management company working exclusively for Teriyaki Madness. They act as the day to day management. Restaurant Sherpas helps with everything from launching the business (Real Estate Review, Construction) to the management once the Teriyaki Shop is open! 

And no, they don’t live on Mt. Everest.


Basically, they’re the behind-the-scenes business ninjas. Running a great restaurant requires a team dedicated to making sure that every aspect of a guest’s experience is excellent. A Sherpa is the person responsible for identifying, hiring, and developing the team for a franchisee restaurant location where we have a restaurant management agreement in place. They ensure that the shop is operated at a high level and that all key performance indicators are in line with agreed upon targets. We use trained regional, area and local Business Coaches to run the Teriyaki Shop. They come from competitive brands such as: 

  Smashburger   |   Noodles & Company   |   Chipotle   |   Einstein’s   

Secret government bases that no one can actually talk about.


Everywhere. Even with it being a new program, they’re already helping franchisees. They are trained ninjas, ready to strike anywhere in the nation.

Restaurant Sherpas has nationwide coverage with staff across the country!

What are restaurant Sherpas responsibilities?

It’s like a friends-with-benefits relationship: Restaurant Sherpas starts as soon as you need their services, whether that’s when the Franchise Agreement is signed or after your shop is open. Restaurant Sherpas’ responsibilities include:

  • Real Estate Review – Identifying a location for approval
  • Construction Oversite – Bidding, finding architects, working with landlords, hiring general contractors
  • Hiring – General management and employees
  • Training all employees
  • Managing all employees
  • Communication – Being the main point of contact for all shop related concerns
  • Reporting – Overcommunication of what the day to day reports look like

Restaurant Sherpas acts as a district/area manager, making sure the crew, the profitability, and the shop meet franchisor guideline’s and is run efficiently and to the franchisee’s specs.

What are the franchisee’s responsibilities?

Everything from A-Z, really. The franchisee can be as involved as they would like to be. The low-level involvement includes:

  • Approve the strategic plan
  • Approve and Fund the budget
  • Sign off on locations, contractors and vendors
  • Read monthly reports

But of course, the franchisee can be involved in any aspects of their business!

Are you a good fit for restaurant Sherpas?

It depends…do you want to take over the world? If your answer is yes, then continue reading. Do you want to own a business but not be involved in the day-to-day? Then still keep reading. 

Restaurant Sherpas is ideal for…

Multi-Unit Operators who want to build an EMPIRE!

Those who are working towards investor visas like EB5 and E2!

Those who want to open a business, but are retired and don’t want to be involved in the day to day.

Foodies! Those who love food but don’t want to be involved on a day to day basis.

Entrepreneurs who don’t want to quit their day jobs!


What is Restaurant Sherpas?

Restaurant Sherpas is a management company that provides hands on leadership for absentee owner franchisees of Teriyaki Madness.

What is the fee?

$1,000 a month when agreement is signed until two months from shop opening. 2 months out the fee increases to $4,500 + 10% of profits quarterly with a security deposit of 3 months up front.

How many shops are currently using Restaurant Sherpas?

This is a brand-new program; currently we have 8 shops that are participating in the program with several more franchisees signed up.

When does the $4,500/month payment start?

The retainer starts upon signing contract. You can use Restaurant Sherpas at the beginning to get your shop up and running, or you can do the front end lifting and hire Restaurant Sherpas once you’re ready for them to manage your open location.

Are there extra fees for Real Estate, Construction, etc.?

Those fees are included in the Teriyaki Madness Franchise Fee and the Location Assistance Fee.

Are you a leasing company? Do you absorb employment issues, compliance issues or potential lawsuits involving hiring employment issues?


Can franchisees opt in at anytime or does this need to be decided when signing an agreement?

They can opt in at any time.

Are there benchmarks and analytics so the franchisees can see how their business is doing?

Teriyaki Madness is best in the business with creating benchmarks for the franchisees. We send out weekly reports.

How long does it take to break even with REstaurant sherpas?

Breakeven would happen faster because there isn’t much of a learning curve.

What are Restaurant Sherpas' responsibilities?
  • Real Estate Review
  • Construction Oversight
  • Hiring & Training
  • Managing
  • Communication
  • Reporting
What are the Franchisee’s responsibilities?
  • Approve strategic plan
  • Approve the budget
  • Sign off on locations, contractors and vendors
  • Read monthly reports.
Is there an Item 19?

This is located in TMAD’s Franchise Disclosure Document.

Does TMAD own Restaurant Sherpas or are they an affiliate company?

Restaurant Sherpas is an affiliate company with common stock ownership.

How many units can Restaurant Sherpas handle in their queue upon start up?

No constraint as of right now.

Is this program available anywhere in the U.S or just select markets?

It is Nationwide.

Does the franchisee have to live near the Restaurant Sherpa location?

No, the franchisee does not need to live anywhere near their shop(s).

Do you still hire assistant managers and General Managers in this program?

Yes. We recruit, hire and manage the manager. The manager works for us.

Is there a required term of how long you have to commit to Restaurant Sherpas?

There is a one-year commitment, renewable annually, to use Restaurant Sherpas. If you decide you no longer want to use Sherpas at the end of the year, you just need to give us 60-days written notice.